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Before the shipment arranged, customers has the flexibility to make adjustment to the order they placed through our convenient online order management system.
In My Orders, you can easily find each order you've placed and its current status. On your order details page, various help options will be available based on your order status. Please see the table below to learn what options are available to you at each stage of your order.

Change your order

Order status Explanation Available Actions
1. Pending payment Your order has been placed successfully, but we are still in the process of confirming payment details.In order to process and ship your order, the successful payment must be obtained. Confirming western union and wire transfer payments may take additional time.

  -  Check order progress

  -  Request a change of shipping address

  -  Request product support

  -  Resolve a payment issue

2. Payment received We have received your payment and will verify the information to ensure payment security.
3. Verifying payment We received your payment and will confirm it in approximately 1 business day. Your order will then be continued processed according to our standard procedure.
4. Payment confirmed Your payment has just been confirmed and we will begin processing your order immediately.
5. Processing We are now selecting the products you ordered. Before shipment we will go through quality controls and carefully pack the products you chose. Average processing time: 1-2 business days.

  -  Check order progress

  -  Inquire about tariffs
6. Shipped Everything in your order has been packed and sent to the shipping address you provided.

  -  Report missing or wrong products

  -  Inquire about tariffs

  -  Request product support
Canceled This order has been canceled.   -  This order has been canceled.