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Multi-Cultural Team

With a global vision, ETrade Supply is supported by employees from around the world: China, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Mongolia, Philippines and Norway. As a positive benefit, we have
become a global cross-cultural team that is able to provide the best service for our clients.

One-to-One Executive Service Team

ETrade Supply can provide personalized services accordingly as our customers alter their various
demands. Usually our high-level customers not only have to fill lots of procurement forms and
make inquiries from many suppliers about the products they need; but, they also need to
follow up later to ensure the cooperation of the various parties involved whereby
constantly confirming product quality and delivery time.
However, if you choose ETrade Supply, we will arrange a highly trained and exclusive Customer
Manager to assist you as a high-level corporate executive. All you need to do is to send us the
demands of your client base or your company. Then on a regular basis, simply
wait to receive the products you ordered which will arrive on a timely basis. Moreover, you can
contact us anytime if you have any questions during our business relationship.

24/7 Customer Service Team

ETrade Supply has Customer Service Representatives in China as well as the United States. Our dual
locations enable us to provide 24/7 service for our customers. When our customers have any
questions, they can contact us at anytime via call, Skype and/or email. Please refer to our
Contact Us section that provides easily accessible information.