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Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept? ( TT is recommended… )

A: There are four methods to completing payment: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and Credit Card. For more information, please go to:



Q: How do I use a coupon or ETS points?

A: 1.Redeem them as cash while placing an order. 100 ETS points =USD $1.

2.Redeem them for discounts or free gifts during our promotions here.

More information about ETS points can be found here:



Q: How to complete an order that is Pending Payment?

A: Log in to "My ETS"→ Click "My orders"→ Choose the order and click "Pay now"→ Click the “PayPal” icon to complete the transaction.

Note: If your order is more than a week old, you may not be able to "re-activate" it to complete the payment. Prices, shipping rates and/or currency conversion rates may have changed. In this case, simply reorder your item(s).


Q: How can I view prices in my currency, and how's the currency rates?

A: You can choose to view prices in different currencies using the drop-down currencies menu at the top left of our webpages.

You can view prices in the following currencies:

- US Dollar (USD)

- Euro (EUR)

- British Pound (GBP)

- Australian Dollar (AUD)

- Canadian Dollar (CAD)

- Swiss Franc (CHF)

- Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


Q: What currencies are accepted by Etradesupply?

A: Currently, we only accept 7 different currencies: AUD/GBP/CAD/EUR/HKD/CHF/USD. Please remember to check the conversion rates before making a payment as the rates are updated on a regular basis.


Q: Do you accept Installment payments or cash on delivery?

A: We do not accept Installment payments or cash on delivery. All orders must be paid in full before they are shipped.


Q: Why does the transaction fail when using a Credit Card?

A: If your transaction has failed when using a Credit Card, there maybe several possible reasons. We have listed them below:

1. Restricted Credit Card Types

The credit card types currently supported by GlobalCollect are: Visa, MasterCard,American Express,Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit

2. Restricted Currencies

The currencies currently supported by GlobalCollect are: USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, HKD and CHF.

3. Insufficient Balance.

4. Wrong or Missing Billing Information.

There maybe a mistake with the security code, billing address, expiry date, etc.

5. Your credit card account is suspended.

6. Overseas payment is restricted by your card issuing bank

Generally, if payment failed to completed by credit card, trying PayPay or a Wire Transfer instead is recommended. You may also want to consult with your card issuing bank's Authorization Department to find another solution.


Q: Why are payment verification documents required?

A: Payment verification documents are required if there is any uncertainty with the validity of the payment. This is a precautionary measure taken by us to prevent any unauthorized use of your credit card - especially when using Credit Cards.


Q: How long does it take to refund money to my credit card account?

A: Refunds, if there are any requests from you, will usually take about 15 business days from the date of our approval for the refund. We recommend you to continually check with your bank to verify the return.


Q: Do I need to pay any customs tax?

A: The prices displayed on our website do not include any taxes, but customers may have to pay import taxes if required by your local government


However, according to our experience, seldom do customers had to pay any taxes.


Q: Could you offer me wholesale prices?

A: We can offer wholesale prices for repair shops or customers with large orders. Check this link for more information about registering for and buying wholesale