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Type Shipping Method Warehouse Cut-off Time Minimum Shipping Cost Pre dispatch Processing Time Transport Time
( business day )
Total Lead Time
( business day )
Expedited Fedex Overnight US Warehouse 3:00 pm CST USD $16.99 Same day shipping 1 day, US only 1-2 days, US only
Standard Fedex Ground US Warehouse 3:00 pm CST USD $12.66 Same day shipping 1-2 days, US only 2-3 days
DHL International HK Warehouse 6:00 pm CST USD $17.80 1-2 days 3-5 days 4-7 days

*Shipments from our US and HK warehouses are automatically scheduled based on product availability, except when "HK warehouse only" has been selected by customers manually before payment.

*TNT or other carriers may be used for order shipping based on customer demand or under special occasion.

*We are happy to ship with a customer's own shipping account.

* The final shipping cost will be calculated by the total size & weight of the packaged product.

* Transport Time may be delayed because of Covid.

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