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Q: What do Grade S+, S, A and R Stand for?

A: Generally speaking, depending on the materials used, the quality of the parts can be separated into different categories. In ETrade Supply store, we have 4 grades for them in particular.

Grade S+

Grade S+ parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, flex, while non-core component like frame can be original or original compliant (Up to the main market trend), which are assembled by the original factories.

Grade S

Grade S parts are those with 100% original core components like LCD, IC chip, while non-core components like flex, glass lens and frame made of best original compliant material, which are assembled by the capable third-party factories.

Grade A

Grade A is almost the same with Grade S. The only difference lies in very slight cosmetic imperfections. Good option for customers who are not so critical with cosmetic aspects.

Grade R

Grade R stands for China made quality, with all components made of original compliant materials. They are widely accepted compliant replacements for original parts, which can keep a good balance between price and quality.

Q: How do I file a quality complaint?

A: Please refer to the warranty policy and RMA process here:


Q: What's your Return and Refund Policy?

A: All defective merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned for a replacement within 180 days from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover physically damaged merchandise. All warranty replacements are required to have a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Q: What should I immediately do upon receiving my parcel?

1. Check the condition of the package and the tracking number first to match it with the information given to you on Etradesupply.com

2. If the package show signs of external damage or looks like it has been tampered with, please open it in the presence of the postman or delivery personnel and check the products inside to ensure that the products are not damaged or missing.

3. Any damages should be reported immediately and directly to the postman or delivery personnel. Take some clear pictures of the package and items you received and email them to us within 24 hours upon receipt of the package.