Did your iPhone 6S rear housing paint peel off?

Recently, there are more and more iPhone 6S pictures users with the rear housing getting rusty and the surface paint falling off complaining in many forums, how this happened? Here we have some speculations.

Why this happened?

The reasons are from 2 aspects:

First, as we know that Apple uses the softer full aluminum material since iPhone 5 series in order to pursue a lighter and thinner phone body, which unfortunately causes the phone tending to bend. To solve this problem, Apple adopt the stronger 7000 series aluminum in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which makes the 6S features higher hardness. However, here comes the problem, the 7000 series aluminum alloy contains higher percent of Zinc and Magnesium than 6000 series which has been used in 5 and 6 series, which makes its inoxidizability and corrosion resistance weaker than the 6000 series.

Then you may wonder why there still are some iPhone 6S not affected by this phenomenon while lots of others are suffering badly.

The other reason is, we all know that Apple owns lots of contract manufacturers to produce the iPhone/iPad/iMac parts they need, There are absolutely some differences in technological level or treatment process between different contract manufacturers. Speaking of the treatment process, most cellphones including iPhone, use the anodizing treatment to produce the rear housing and we can’t deny the possibility that somehow the there’s a little misoperations in production process or something is wrong with the quality inspections, which can bring the results that metal oxide film (or called oxidized tinct membrane) painted on the rear housing surface is not well-proportioned or strong enough, and then makes it easier to falling off from the surface. In other words, we speculate that there may be something related to the treatment process.

Where’s the most susceptible place

If you’ve encountered this, you may find that happened mostly near the camera, Apple logo, the joint area of the white fringe and metal cover, even with the joint of metal frame and glass edges. These corrosion parts are just like small bugs. What’s worse is that it will not stop till it getting more serious and starting fall off. apple-camera-rusty





How to avoid this problem

The corrosion of the rear housing is not included in the warranty so don’t expect you can get it replaced by Apple.

And according to the above analysis, there is hardly an effective solution to prevent these phenomena, still we need to pay more attention to our 6S, trying to make it away from this tragedy.

  1. 1.Try not to use your iPhone 6S under high temperature and moist environment.
  2. 2.Better wear a back protective glass film or back cover case to protect your iPhone.
  3. 3.Try your best to keep your iPhone clean and dry, do not touch your phone while your hands are wet.

On the other hand, we hope that Apple can strengthen the control of product quality and no more problems like this appears.

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  1. BY Prince

    I have purchased 6s on 22jan 2019 and within 2months the back paint is slightly peeled off please help for the same

    • BY kaye

      You need a case for the iPhone 6s.

  2. BY Wendy

    i`m from Indonesia and i have this issue on my 6s gold 🙁 in the corner and near the 3,5mm jack.. so sad, cause looks ugly now

  3. BY Weird

    My gold iphone 6s plus has been wearing away at the headphone jack, lightning port, and speaker. I can’t seem to find anyone with this same problem.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Weird, maybe it was Scratched by your keys. You can use a case to protect your iPhone alway from it.

      • BY Heins

        Keys don’t scratch aluminum backs like that. They don’t damage the back of your iphone. Its probably humidity or water or treatment mistake. Anyway don’t bother, get a new phone next year, or get a case

        • BY kaye

          Reset it.

  4. BY Rose24

    It happens to my 6s as well and I hate it. I hope apple will do something about this. This is their fault and not ours. My previous iphone 5s never fade like this even if how old I am using it. Maybe all of us can record a video showing our iphones and post it in the media. That is the only way that maybe apple will move and make some solution about our problem. Please fix this issue apple!!! We are so disappointed!

  5. BY Anooh

    My iphone 6s plus Gold is 4 months old and it has tiny spots all over probably cause of aluminium chipping i don’t know what to do i have always used cases for my phone but still its paint is peeling off! NEED HELP!!!

  6. BY Cindy

    My iphone 6s plus in rose gold looks so old 🙁 all of the scratches started to spread all over my iphone

  7. BY joy

    omg my iphone 6s rose gold is exactly like this there are a lot of scratches all over the back and its making my phone look old when in fact it only 8 months old AND EVERYTIME I USED IT ITS GETTING HOT I HATE IT

  8. BY My phone is the same

    I thought it was scratches at first but now it’s all other my phone is the most random places, it’s completely ruined the back of my phone! I’m not sure how to fix it, i know that Apple does not cover things like this but I really want to try and contact them. No one that I know that owns these phones has the same issue, it’s so frustrating. Do you know any solutions to this problem?

    • BY kaye

      it seems there is no way to fix this problem at the moment, in order to not make it worse you’d better cover it with a protective case.

      • BY siddharth raj gupta

        i am from india.. i have a 11 months old 6s gold. my phone looks like 4 years old.. have already submitted to the service center and sent an email.. they say that it is physical damage they wont cover it..

        • BY kaye

          many people complained about this problem and sadly there’s no efficient solution for it yet.

          • BY qaulan

            im so sad to know this. since my phone not wearing any protective case anymore, my phone start to scratch.. and becoz my phone color is space grey, its looks it just a regular scratches. but time goes on, and now my phone look scarying. hope apple fixing this kind of problem.


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