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Top 5 Selfie Mobile Phones You Don’t Want To Miss

huawei ascend p7 oscar selfie

Taking selfies has become widely popular around the world in these recent years, as a result so have selfie-focused smartphones. The main difference between selfie-focused mobile phones and other phones is that selfie phones usually feature advanced front facing cameras, aimed at making selfies more attractive. Love taking selfies? Time to upgrade your phone now, [...]

Nokia Lumia 520 Disassembly for Screen Replacement or Other Parts Repair

Nokia Lumia 520 Disassembly for Screen Replacement

If you accidentally broke your Nokia Lumia 520 and haven’t insured it, you can try to DIY repair it since it’s not difficult to tear it down and replace a cracked screen, broken rear housing or dead battery. You can follow our Lumia 520 disassembly tutorial step by step and repair the broken parts yourself. [...]

Nokia Lumia 1020 Reassembly Guide

Nokia Lumia 1020 reassembly 15

Here is the guide for reassembling your torn apart Nokia Lumia 1020. By Following this step by step guide, you can quickly rebuild your phone. Click here to see how to take apart the Nokia Lumia 1020 Step 1: Put back the motherboard to the rear housing assembly. Step 2: Put back 2 Torx screws [...]

How to Take Apart the Nokia Lumia 1020

How to Repair Cracked Lumia 1020

This is the Nokia Lumia 1020 take apart repair guide. Following this written repair guide will teach you to disassemble your Lumia 1020 fairly easily in a step by step manner and help you replace the faulty components. We recommend having a dry and dust free work place. It’s a great idea to lay the [...]

How to Repair the Cracked Nokia Lumia 720 Screen

How to Fix the Cracked Lumia 720 Screen

Last week, one of our readers told us that his Nokia Lumia 720 slipped from his pocket.  He was very unhappy on the situation that the LCD display has no problem and the device worked fine except there was an obvious crack on touch screen digitizer. Can the broken Lumia 720 screen be replaced? How [...]

How to Repair A Cracked Lumia 520 Screen

How to Repair the Cracked Screen on Lumia 520

The Nokia’s Lumia has been plagued with cracked screen problems since the release of the Lumia 920. We have seen many complaints from lots of people that the Lumia 520 screens cracked or shattered for various causes. In some reports, people said they dropped the phone on the ground, and the touch screen digitizer was [...]

Tutorial: How to Repair Cracked Nokia Lumia 920 Screen

How to Repair Cracked Lumia 920 Screen

We’ve already made lots of disassembly and reassembly videos which including the popular models of the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, etc. And we are very glad that the tutorials on our official YouTube channel have taught more than ten thousand people on fixing their damaged smartphone successfully.  Today, we publish this how-to article so that help [...]

How to Replace the Nokia Lumia 620 Screen

How to Repair Nokia Lumia 620 Damaged Screen

Did you drop your Nokia Lumia 620? Do you know how to make DIY repair on the damaged Lumia 620 screen? Do you want to get a professional guide on how to replace the damaged Lumia 620 screen?  If so, you don’t need to worry since this is a tutorial on how to replace the [...]

Solutions to the Common Nokia Lumia 1020 Problems

Solutions to the Common Nokia Lumia 1020 Problems

The Nokia Lumia 1020 catches people’s eye by its stunning 41 MP camera with PureView Pro technology support. However, it is also accompanied by several flaws according to the users’ experiences. We have selected the top-four common Lumia 1020 issues and worked out the solutions to them.   • Restarts and Freezes Randomly Problems Some [...]

Solutions to Nokia Lumia 928 Problems

How to solve Lumia 928’s orange tint problem

People know that the Nokia Lumia 928 is a great windows phone with many new features. But it’s still not perfect and millions of users have reported different kinds of problems they faced in the past months. ETrade Supply conducted lots of researches on those problems and now here we are publishing this article presenting [...]

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