Big BUG of iPhone 15

With the sales and use of iPhone 15, more and more Apple fans have reported screen burn-in issues. Regarding the iPhone 15 screen burn-in phenomenon, let’s analyze the causes and current solutions.


A. Causes:



1. Screen quality: iPhone15 uses an OLED screen. Compared with traditional LCD screens, when the OLED screen displays black or other dark colors, the pixels may not be completely turned off, resulting in overuse of some pixels after long-term use. , resulting in screen burn-in.


2. Usage habits: Using your mobile phone for a long time and displaying the same content on the same screen, such as playing games, watching videos, etc., will increase the risk of screen burn.


3.Environmental factors: High temperature or high humidity environments may accelerate the aging of the screen and increase the possibility of screen burn-in.


B: Solution:


1.Software fixes: Some of the latest system versions will introduce fixes for screen burn-in issues. It is recommended to update the system in time and check whether there are relevant repair options.


2.Replace the screen: If the screen burn-in is severe and the software repair fails, you need to replace the screen. This is the most direct solution, but it comes at a higher cost.


3.Use an anti-burn screen protector: Choosing an anti-burn screen protector can reduce screen aging and thus delay the occurrence of screen burn. This method is cheaper, but it should be noted that the quality of the anti-burn screen protective films currently on the market is uneven, so you should choose a reputable brand.


4.Adjust your usage habits: Reduce the habit of using your phone continuously for long periods of time, take appropriate rest, and use all areas of the screen as evenly as possible to reduce the risk of screen burn.


5.Pay attention to environmental factors: Try to avoid using your phone in high temperature or high humidity environments.


6.In general, although the iPhone 15 has the problem of screen burn-in, the occurrence of this problem can be effectively delayed or avoided through reasonable usage habits, appropriate protection measures, and timely maintenance.



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