iPhone 7 Full Teardown for Screen, Battery, Charging Port Flex Replacement

After months of speculation and impatient waiting, Apple has finally announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The excellent camera, A10 Fusion chip, wireless headphone, the new iPhone 7 impressed all a lot, here we're going to disassemble iPhone 7 to offer some repair tips when fix LCD screen, battery or charging port flex cable etc.

Tools Needed:

Heat gun or hair dryer

Suction cup separator

Phillips screwdriver

Tri-point screwdriver

Pentaloble screwdriver


  1. 1. Shut down the device then take out the SIM card tray.

1.power off and take out sim card tray

  1. 2.Undo 2 Pentalobe screws on the bottom of the device. (Same screwdrivers as 6S/6S+/6/6+, however, the screws are a little bit longer)

2.undo 2 screws

  1. 3. Heat up the edges of the device, separate the screen assembly and the rear housing assembly with the help of double side suction cup.(the flex cables of the screen are on the right side of the phone, take your time here in case of breaking any of them)

3.heat up screen

4.lift up screen with suction cup

5.open a gap with guitar pick

6.cut screen adhesives

7.lift up screen

8.iPhone 7 screen

  1. 4.Undo 4 triangle screws (the same triangle head screwdriver used on Apple watch) holding the metal shield covering the battery, LCD display and digitizer connectors.

9.Undo 4 triangle screws

Remove the metal shied, release battery and screen connectors.

10.remove metal sheild

11.remove connectors

  1. 5.Undo 2 Philips screws and its metal shield, then disconnect the front facing camera flex cable.

12.undo screws

13.disconnect connector

Then the screen assembly can be removed now.

14.remove screen assembly

  1. 6.Undo 3 small Philips screws holding the front facing camera metal shield and then remove the metal shield.

15.remove 3 phillips screws

16.remove metal cover

  1. 7. Undo 2 small Philips screws holding the ear phone.

17.remove earpiece screws

Then remove ear speaker.

18.remove earpiece

  1. 8. Apply proper heat then pick up the front facing camera with light and proximity sensor.

19.remove front camera and proximity sensor

  1. 9. Undo 4 triangle screws holding the home button metal shield.

20.remove home button screws

21.remove metal shield

  1. 10.Undo 6 triangle screws holding the metal shield. Be careful, the LCD and digitizer flex cables is bonded to the metal shield on its back!

22.remove 6 tri-point screws

23.remove metal screen shield

24.screen shield

  1. 11. Disconnect home button flex cable connector, apply some heat to loosen the home button flex cable, then press down the home button.

25.disconnect home button flex cable

26.remove home button

  1. 12.Undo 2 small Philips screws holding the rear facing camera then release it

28.undo rear camera screws

29.remove metal cover

27.release rear camera connector

30.remove rear camera

  1. 13.Undo 3 small Philips screws holding the Wifi antenna metal shield then 2 Philips screws under it, then you can remove the wifi antenna now.




  1. 14. Undo 2 triangle screws holding the side keys metal shield.


  1. 15. Undo 2 small Philips screws then remove the antenna then you can remove antenna flex cable (be careful when pry up the antenna flex which is sticked to the rear housing).

remove another antenna screw

remove antenna screws

remove antenna

Here we need to undo 2 Phillips screws and remove the metal shield cover before release the side button flex cable connector.



16.Disconnect the charging port flex cable connector,signal cable clips and side button flex cable connector.

remove side button flex cable connector

release signal cable clips

remove charging port flex connector

Undo all Philips screw holding the mother board.

remove another motherboard screw

remove motherboard screw

remove motherboard screw3

then motherboard can be removed.

remove iPhone7 motherboard

  1. 17. Undo 3 Small Philips screws holding the vibrating motor.

remove taptic engine screws

  1. 18.Undo 2 Small Philips screws then remove the cover.

remove plastic cover screw

remove plastic cover

  1. 19.Disconnect the Taptic engine connector then release it.

release taptic engine connector

remove taptic engine

  1. 20. Gradually pull out the battery adhesive to release the battery.

pull off battery tape

  1. 21. Undo 4 small Philips screws holding the loud speaker then release loudspeaker.

undo loudspeaker screw.jpg

remove loudspeaker

  1. 22. Undo 5 small Philips screws securing the charging port flex cable assembly then remove the charging port cable.

undo charging port screw

remove charging port flex

  1. 23. Undo 5 small Philips screws and 1 Philips screw then remove the power button flex cable.

undo side button flex screws

undo side button flex screws2

undo side button flex small screw

remove side button flex cable Job done! This is the whole disassembly process of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 whole teardown

Check our iPhone 7 teardown video!

iPhone 7 Plus disassembly is coming soon, if you like our blog don't hesitate to give us a like, any idea or suggestions are welcomed!


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