Is the Chinese-made rear case for the iPhone 15 series going on the market?

With the release of the iPhone 15 series, the related accessories market has also ushered in new business opportunities. As an important part of the appearance of a mobile phone, the design and quality of the back case have always been the focus of consumers' attention. At present, some models of back cases in the iPhone15 series have been launched. Such back cases as iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 have a high level of design and craftsmanship, but there are still some technical challenges.



1. Material selection: Domestic rear shells need to pay attention to lightweight, wear resistance and environmental protection in material selection. At present, some new materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber are used in domestic rear shells, but they still need to be further optimized to improve durability.


2. Wireless charging compatibility: The iPhone 15 series supports wireless charging, so the back case must have good wireless charging compatibility. However, some domestic back cases may interfere with wireless charging signals and affect the charging effect.


3. Precise hole position processing: In order to meet the heat dissipation and maintenance needs of the internal components of the mobile phone, precise hole positions need to be opened on the back shell. This requires the domestic rear shell to have high-precision drilling equipment and technology during the processing process.


Although the back cases of some models in the iPhone 15 series have been launched, there are still some models that have not yet been launched. There are some technical issues and other reasons.


a. Technical difficulties: For the application of some new materials and processes, domestic back shells still need to continue to make breakthroughs and improvements in technology. For example, for back shells with special textures or colors, technical issues such as material uniformity and color stability need to be solved.


b. Production cost: As consumers’ requirements for the appearance and quality of mobile phones increase, the costs of domestically produced back shells in terms of materials and processes have also increased. This may result in some rear casing manufacturers being unable to achieve profitability in the short term, thereby delaying the listing process.


c. Supply chain issues: In a globalized production environment, the stability of the supply chain is crucial to the production of back casings. The recent tight global supply chain and rising raw material prices may have a certain impact on the production of domestic rear cases, leading to delays in the launch of some models of rear cases.


d. Brand and market positioning: Some domestic back-shell brands may focus their resources on the high-end market, resulting in insufficient supply in the mid- to low-end market. At the same time, some brands may choose to launch more market-competitive products first to ensure an advantage in the fiercely competitive rear casing market.



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