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iPhone 5S’ Wireless Power

ETrade Supply-iphone-5-Wireless Charging

The latest news reveals that Apple is interested in the new patent for “realistic and practical approach” to wireless charging, so that offer wireless electricity to low-power iPhone within a distance of few meters. The new patent suggest that Apple is investigating the elegant solution of wireless power that use “near-field magnetic resonance” to recharge [...]

Apple to Reportedly Get Rid of Samsung as Chip Supplier

Apple & Samsung

Apple’s huge success in the mobile field has benefitted Samsung in various ways. On the one hand, it gave Samsung a step-by-step guide on how to improve its own devices, as revealed by an internal document used as evidence in a recent patent trial. On the other hand, it also made Apple the South Korea-based [...]

5 Inches HTC Deluxe Will Not Launch In Europe


It is well known that HTC launched its 5-inch full HD smartphone in two markets, but it claims the smartphone will not be going to the other markets in the near future. Although many recent leaks, the HTC Deluxe, kinds of Japan’s J Butterfly and Verizon’s (VZ) DROID DNA smartphone, will not announce in Europe [...]

Differences Between the Store of Microsoft and Apple on Black Friday


The Apple store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis had a better Black Friday than a Microsoft outlet across the hall. On Black Friday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster camped outside of the Apple Store in the Mall of America to analyze foot traffic and product purchases. He also stationed a team outside the [...]

Windows Phone 7.8 Said to Be Launched on Wednesday

A video from China shows the low-end Nokia Lumia 510 running Windows Phone 7.8, which is an update to Windows Phone 7.5 handsets. The latest news shows that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be arriving on Wednesday, November 28th. This low-end model has a 4 inch WVGA LCD screen with an 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon [...]

Black Friday Deals for Apple Product: $101 for Laptop, Up to $61 for iPad, iPhone Excluded


The finest Black Friday deals may involve risking life and limb in a Best Buy scrum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some cash shopping online. Apple’s one-day shopping event has begun, with the company knocking $41 off the price of the 16GB 4th generation iPad and $61 off the 64GB model. If you’d [...]

Android Will Own More Than Seventy Five Percent Markets Around The World


Apple may avoid paying the charging of premium for its devices in the developed countries, however, the emerging markets doesn’t allow sort of thing to run away. In those markets, people are pretty probably to flock to many kinds of low-cost Android smartphones hitting the markets, which are giving Google a big promotion in expanding [...]

Holiday Season Gift Guide 2012 – Smartphones


Holiday season is approaching. It’s time to start thinking about preparing presents for your folks or friends. At this time, you may have a headache and don’t know which one to choose. But if you are ready for the latest and greatest smatrphone as a gift, we’ll give you some guide this holiday. We classify [...]

Jolla OS, Be the fourth Choice?


The date we were promised an introduction to Sailfish is here, and it turns out Jolla’s not just targeting smartphones with its MeeGo-based OS, but tablets, smart TVs and other devices, too. Jolla has kept its OS under wraps until now, but it wants Sailfish to be an open-source affair which “will be built through [...]

Apple Opens Its First Refurbished Store On Ebay


Just few weeks ago,  ETradeSupply noted the mysterious Apple refurbished store that appeared on eBay and has been hiding in plain site ever since. Labeled only “Refurbished Outlet” with hidden corporate information and nothing in the way of contact info or a traceable backend, the store gets an impressive 99.7% positive review from consumers. But [...]

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