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HTC One X disassembly tutorial(Part 3)


23. Volume button contacts 24. Upper speaker 25. Motherboard and battery – Top 26. Motherboard and battery – Bottom 27. Disconnecting the battery 28. Removing the power button contact, microphone, front sensor assembly 29. Power button contact, microphone, front sensor assembly 30. Microphone and front-facing sensors 31. Power button contact 32. Removing the front camera [...]

HTC One X disassembly tutorial(Part 2)


12. Removing the docking connector PCB 13. Disconnecting the docking connector PCB 14. Removing the docking connector PCB 15. Docking connector PCB 16. Disconnecting the topside motherboard connectors 17. Lifting up the motherboard 18. Disconnecting the underside motherboard connectors 19. Removing the motherboard and battery 20. Motherboard and battery removed 21. Display and frame assembly [...]

HTC One X disassembly tutorial(Part 1)


1. SIM card slot 2. Using a thin metal tool to pop loose the back cover 3. Working my way around the back cover’s edges 4. Lifting the display/frame assembly out of the back cover 5. Back cover removed 6. Back cover 7. Beats Audio speaker 8. Internal hardware 9. Removing the internal motherboard cover [...]

Latest news of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 news

News from component companies in Taiwan: The release date of iPhone 5 may bring forward to the end of August for the sake of seizing the business opportunity of “Back to School”. Foxlink, Unimicron, Compeq, Largan and GSEO get large order from Apple in July, and Foxconn, the only assembly manufacturer for iPhone, has experienced [...]

iPhone 5 resolution is 1136×640


In 2012′s WWDC, apple announced an new app named Passbook in iOS 6 which can help users to manage their electronic tickets and make mobile payment. Yesterday, an American company claimed that from the code they got from iPhone 5 engineering prototype, the new iPhone has built-in NFC chip. It seems mobile payment will soon [...]

Samsung-quit Android soon?

Kwon Oh-Hyun

When Samsung Galaxy S III came to release, no “absolute leading” advantages exist in hardware, compared with the release of Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung has laid its attention more on software. Some more intelligent functions like Smart stay, S voice, Direct call etc appeared. On Monday, Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung’s new CEO announced in his [...]

HTC Acknowledges One X WiFi bug on Tegra 3 models


From HTC Acknowledges One X WiFi issue There’s always some snag with these big flagship devices it seems. The iPhone 4 had antennagate, Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus couldn’t seem to stay connected and now the One X is joining the parade with some serious WiFi issues. Some users have complained of weak WiFi reception and, [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note II (Rumor)

From South Korea’s Samsung Electronics will be releasing a flexible display-equipped successor model to the Galaxy Note in October so as to compete against Apple’s iPhone5. Apple will most probably stick to the same timeline as last year and release its iPhone 5 in fall, predict market experts. Samsung is said to be timing [...]

Redisigned new generation iPhone-iPhone 5


From We’ve seen the purported iPhone 5parts in photos and on videoreleased by websites, and now, images of what is claimed to be a working, fully assembled sixth-generation iPhone(iPhone 5) have been published by another website. On Wednesday posted a series of photos it claims to have received from an anonymous source. While [...]

Amazing! Cell Phone Test methods can be so easy to master?

Nowadays, cell phone especially smart phone plays a more and more important role in our daily life. We use it to receive emails, surf the internet, play games, see a video, take photos,etc. Can you imagine what the world would become if there are no cell phones all of a sudden? Besides,there is another important [...]

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