Plastic Again, Watch Out to Keep Scratches Away from Your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Home Button

As the flagships of Samsung in 2016, there is no doubt that millions of Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge will be sold. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, 12MP rear camera with 1.4 µm pixel size, 5.1/5.7 inches Super AMOLED display and the fast react fingerprint scanner on the home button are all attractive features for their potential users. However, only after one day, we’ve found significantly scratches on the home button.



How did this happen?


As usual, we bought the latest flagship phones for making the teardown videos. And the scratches appeared during the disassembly process. When we faced down the S7 to heat up the battery door and trying to remove it, the protrudent home button “kissed” the wooden desk for a while and left very clear scratches to the brand new phone.



Why did this happen?


Back to S5, Samsung has combined the fingerprint scanner to its home button. Though the front screen of the phone is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass, the home button of the new Samsung flagship is made of plastic, not glass. This means it will easily get scratched in daily uses. Two years have passed, the home buttons of the Samsung flagship phones are still made of plastic. Unlike Sapphire or glass, plastic will be easily scratched by our daily used materials, such as coins & keys, or even wooden table surface.

(Galaxy S6 home button with flex cable ribbon)


Is there a way to prevent this?/How to solve it?


A case and a screen protector would be of great help to prevent our tragedy from happening. Though the home button can’t be covered, the height of the screen has been increased so when you face the phone down, the plastic button is impended above the table without direct touch. However, coins and keys in your pocket would still be harmful to your home button. Seems the only solution for this is to carry them separately.


If the home button of your S7/S7 edge is already scratched, the only way to solve it is to replace a new one. However, the home button is in between the front housing and the screen assembly which makes the cost to replace it really high (the screen would be easily cracked). If you really can’t stand the scratches, we strongly suggest you let the professionals replace it for you. (There is no clear official price list for it) If you do have plenty of related experiences, you could follow this blog to try it yourself: will definitely void your warranty, so DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!)


If you have any thoughts problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!


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  1. BY pankaj

    i have samsung s7 edge gold
    my phone home button fully scratch so and black color show any help

  2. BY Narelle

    Got my screen protector replaced yesterday – or tried to. The guy in the store ended up ripping 1/2 the silver film off the home button with the screen protector !!!!! Pretty sure this shouldn’t happen Samsung !!!! Now I don’t know if I should get it fixed, or just ignore it. Will the phone continue to work with the film missing from the home button ???

    • BY Akshay

      Bro don’t worry
      If your samsung edge is in warranty period then imeidatly visit samsung service centere they replace it
      ……bro i also got this same thing during laminating but i call samsung care they said replace free of cost in service center
      Aldo told your frnds they also helped by this

  3. BY Colin

    I picked up a silver s7 edge about a month and a half ago. For me, about 2-3 days went by before I saw light scratches on my home button and even a pretty obvious nick. I never put my phone in a pocket with metal and I hadn’t dropped it or anything. I was still within my 14 day return window but I just decided to live with it since I know I’ll be possibly upgrading again in another year. Long story short I ended up cracking the display (the digitizer was intact since it didn’t hinder touch functionality) and getting a new s7e via my carrier/Asurion. I’ve had it now about a week and so far I’ve managed to keep the home button looking pristine but I’m sure that won’t last too long..

    • BY kaye

      maybe you can give it some protection like home button protective film.

  4. BY Bren

    I’ve my phone about 6 months now. Today when I took the phone out of my pocket the finger print scanner wouldn’t work. Couldn’t work out why, then noticed a tiny chip defect in the lower middle part of the button. Must have happened while in my pocket. That tiny defect has now stopped the finger print scanner working. So annoyed with Samsung here. This SHOULDN’T happen on such an expensive phone.

    • BY Ely

      I also had this problem … to fix it I reprogrammed my thumb/pointer finger with the knick on it… worked fine. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

    • BY John Deven

      Report this defect to the Samsung support number :
      1 (800) 726-7864

  5. BY Faiqa

    I’m so frustrated
    I just buyed it a moth ago and so many minor scratches everywhere on the phone appeared from nowhere
    I use it very carefully though and still so many scratches
    so much sensitivity in this much expensive phone
    I want to sell it cause I cannot see it like this
    but don’t know how much the price may fall
    I bought it for 98000
    minor scratches on the upright screen
    home button
    and the upper edge

  6. BY hatem

    am so frustrated .. this is typically what happened with my phone!

    • BY Rohit

      there is a good option for this problem… There is an american website by name fixez which makes Sapphire versions of home buttons… You better try contacting them

  7. BY Ismail

    you can use a screen protector to level the surface so as the phone willnot get so much scratches’

    • BY Rohit

      U can use cello tape it will work just fine.

    • BY May

      Yup, that’s a good idea!


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