How to Fix the Broken iPhone Home Button

The iPhone Home button may become unresponsive after you have used the iPhone for a long time or you damaged the Home button accidentally. If you are experiencing this issue, the five tips below could help you fix the broken iPhone Home button.

iPhone home button repair

Calibrate the Unresponsive iPhone Home Button


This is the fastest and easiest way to fix the broken iPhone Home button. You can try to fix this issue as follow.

Step 1: Open one of the default apps, like the Calendar, Clock or Calculator.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power button until the “slide to power off” option appears. Then release the Power button.

Step 3: Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds. Then the “slide to power off” will disappear and the phone returns to the home screen. This calibration may solve the problem.

Readjust your iPhone Connectors to fix the Stuck Home Button


If the calibration doesn’t work, you can try to readjust your iPhone connectors. Because the button is directly above the charging port, it may cause the Home button out of alignment after constant use. Follow the steps below to realign your iPhone connector.

Step 1: Plug your charging cable into the iPhone.

Step 2: Push down on the connector as gently as possible. Then the Home button will be pushed up.

Step 3: Press the Home button when you pushing the connector to check whether the problem is fixed.

Open the Alternative On-Screen Home Button


Please keep in mind the alternative on-screen Home button when your iPhone Home button is unresponsive. You can enable the Assistive Touch by taping Settings=>General=>Accessibility=>Assistive Touch. Then a small circle will appear on the screen. Press the circle and you can access Siri, volume and favorites, etc.

Try to Restore the Device


You can try to restore your iPhone if the above-mentioned tips can’t resolve the stuck Home button problems. But please remember to back up your important data in iTunes before you start to restore.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes.

Step 3: Click the Restore button in the Summary section.

More detailed tips can be found from this Apple Support page.

Replace the Broken iPhone Home Button


If the iPhone Home button is damaged in hardware, replacing it with a new one will fix the issue. You can learn how to replace iPhone Home button according to the last four minutes of this iPhone 5C disassembly video.  But it will be a little more difficult to replace the iPhone 5S Home button because of the Touch ID sensor on it.  If you need to repair the iPhone 5S Home button, it’s worth reading the article Apple iPhone 5S Touch ID Sensor Repair Problems before you DIY repair it. ETrade Supply is always your prime choice to get the replacement iPhone Home button.

Have you encountered any other issues of your iPhone Home button? How did you fix it? Please let us know by leaving your comments below.


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