How to take care of aftermarket home button flex on iPhone 6S screen

Based on the RMA data collected from HK and Dallas warehouse, we found some customers returned iPhone 6S and 6S Plus screens. The most common issue is home button not working. After knowing this, our purchasing and QC department had a discussion on market source and installation process. Below are causes of this issue and solutions to avoid it.

Market source

First we need to know clearly its structure. As iPhone 6S carries 3D touch function, it is connected with home button flex, and then been together installed to back light, these three parts we called it back light. While regarding 3D touch, the quality will be quite different with various manufacturing technology. The cost of an original one is two or three times higher than an aftermarket one, to save cost and win more market share, manufacturers tend to popularize aftermarket back light.


But no worries, Etrade will strive to control it as much as possible before shipment. Our QC department has strengthened the quality test on this part. For customers side, proper assembling methods are very important as well. As in most returned screens, after test we found that many are without Fingerprint recognition, pedestal got loose. This may be caused by frequent tear-down and home button been buckled heavily. Before buckling home button please make sure that the pedestal has been well fixed.


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