How to Replace the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Battery Replacement

As the 2016 flagships of Samsung, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature higher capacity batteries compared with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge batteries are non-removable, which doesn't it's unable to be replaced. In some cases, the battery has to be replaced in order to cure the device. Here we're going to show you how to replace the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge batteries step by step.


Tools Needed:



How to Disassemble the Galaxy S7 for Battery Replacement?


1. Power off the device and remove the Galaxy S7 SIM card tray.


Once you remove the SIM card tray, you'll find it's wearing a waterproof adhesive.



2. Remove the Galaxy S7 back cover.


Heat up along the sides of Galaxy S7 for 1~2 minutes, the back cover is glued to the rear housing with a waterproof adhesive, which is pretty sticky. Pay your patience on this step and make sure the Galaxy S7 back cover adhesive is nicely warm and loosen.



Pop up the back cover a little bit with the help of a screen separator tool, carefully insert the plastic tip into the back cover and run it along the edges of Galaxy S7 back cover. The adhesive is easily cooled down, you'll need to heat it up back and forth before releasing the back cover. Likewise, be patient.



Now the Galaxy S7 back cover was pulled out from a large portion of strong adhesive as you can see from the below picture, also avoid to hurt the fingerprint sensor in the middle of rear housing while you're heating.



3. Release the Galaxy S7 rear housing set.


Undo the 12 long screws in the rear housing. These screws are in the same size, no worries to mix them up. Use a pair of tweezers to pick up the screws if they're still stuck in the holes.



Remove the Galaxy S7 wireless charging chip and antenna module, be careful not to damage this vulnerable part.



Peel off the yellow tape and then remove the Galaxy S7 loudspeaker assembly.




4. Pry up the connectors shown in below to release the Galaxy S7 motherboard.


The connectors include 3 antenna cable connectors, volume button flex connector, power button flex connector, home button flex connector, front-facing camera connector, rear-facing camera connector, LCD assembly connector, battery flex connector, and ear speaker flex connector.




5. Release the Galaxy S7 battery replacement.


Heat up to soften the Galaxy S7 battery adhesive, wedge the metal spudger under the battery and pry it back and forth, you may also need a plastic playing card and a plastic spudger to help to remove the battery. The battery is glued to the front housing with strong adhesive in square, that's why the battery is stuck so well.





Check below tutorial video for how to tear down the Galaxy S7:



How to Disassemble the Galaxy S7 Edge for Battery Replacement?


Step 1. Shut down the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge then remove the SIM card tray.



Step 2. Heat up the back the S7 edge(until it’s too hot to touch).



Step 3. Apply the suction cup to the back cover of the S7 edge.



Step 4. Pry the edge of the S7 edge back cover a little bit to insert the thin metal spudger.



Step 5. Slide away the metal spudger a little bit then insert some business cards/playing cards to do the rest.



Step 6. Once the back cover has been released, undo the 12 Phillips screws holding the rear housing.



Step 7. Use the plastic separation tool to separate the top plastic bracket then remove the wireless charging pad.




Step 8. Disconnect the battery cable, power cable, display cable and the volume button cable.



Step 9. Use a pair of tweezers to remove the loudspeaker module.



Step 10. Pop off all the antenna cables and the fingerprint scanner cable.



Step 11. Disconnect the earphone connector, front-facing camera connector and the proximity and light sensor connector.



Step 12. Lift up the motherboard then disconnect the charging port connector.



Step 13. Heat up to the adhesive underneath the battery, then use the metal spudger to lift it up (slowly and carefully).



Check below tutorial video for how to tear down the Galaxy S7 Edge.



Visit our Youtube channel to check how to reassemble Galaxy s7 and S7 Edge

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  1. BY Carole

    will replacing the oled screen of samsung galaxy s7 cause the internal memory to be wiped? I currently have a broken and black screen. Alternatively is there a way to transfer my data using
    a computer software program?

    • BY kaye

      Of course not. You don’t have to transfer your original data if you want to replace your Samsung screen, but you’d better back up your top-secret file in Samsung cloud for personal privacy sake.

  2. BY Tedy

    Is battery EB-BG930ABE same with EB-BG930ABA? I have a phone with EB-BG930ABA but it’s so hard to find it in my country. WIll it fit if i change it with EB-BG930ABE ? Thx

    • BY fafafa






  3. BY Justin

    Is it possible to t and battery from s7 active & install it in the s7 edge?

    • BY kaye

      sorry they can’t share the same battery,the battery size and capacity are different from each other.

  4. BY nay

    I submerge my s7 edge into a pool when I was swimming for only 6 seconds and the power went off.. I thought its a water resistant. Do u know what happened to my phone? What should I do? Please I wanted to send my phone to a Samsung trusted company in Australia where I bought it from to fix… Will u recommend which one somewhere in Sydney and would u please give me their address?

    • BY Marty

      Water resistant is not the same as waterproof. It will resist water to a certain extent, i.e a splash of water or maybe having the occasional drink knocked over it but it wont tolerate a full submersion in water.

      • BY scart35

        Oh shut up, it will “tolerate” submersion asi it is ip68 certified which means submersion into 1,5m deep water for 30mins. The problem is he was swimming with it – moving the phone underwater.

        • BY Russell Martin Brothers

          I had problems with mine, get a wireless charger,alternate charging with the plug & wireless. When the battery heats up a few times you will get the moisture out, they are not covered for water damage even if you have insurance, good luck

  5. BY Snapking

    Do the company change the battery of samsung s7 edge if needed??

    • BY kaye

      yes, if you need

      • BY Anna Dawson

        Where do I send or go to get this done?

        • BY kaye

          Hi Anna, send your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 EDGE to the nearest repair shop. We EtradeSupply don’t repair smartphone but we retail repair parts. If you want to DIY repair it, you can get the repair tools and repair parts here:

  6. BY sean

    Is it possible to use an S7 battery in a Note 7? or are the flex connectors and physical battery size different in both?


    Ok i have question. Is it possible to replace the 3000mah battery in my NOTE 5 with the 3600mah from the S7 edge to give it even more power?

    • BY kaye

      NO,they are not compatible, there are some differences in their size and connectors.


    Ok i have somewhat of a stupid question. Is it possible to replace the 3000mah battery in my Note 5 with the 3600mah from the S7 edge to give it even more power?

    • BY Erik Zehan

      Note 5 battery little bit bigger than S7 EDGE

  9. BY Moely

    After I update software my s7 edge phone having problems by
    Battery running very fast and the phone very heat…
    What’s the suggestion?

    • BY samantha

      be very careful. mine keep getting really hot and the a few days later the phne blew up. it was only 6 months old.

  10. BY Dom

    i know this is a stupid question but what do i use to remove the sim tray

  11. BY Martin

    Ok i have somewhat of a stupid question. Is it possible to replace the 3000mah battery in my S7 with the 3600mah from the S7 edge to give it even more power?

    • BY kaye

      Hi, Martin, your idea sounds great, however, there are differences between S7 and S7 Edge battery in body size and the battery flex connectors, so i guess there maybe some difficulties in putting battery to each other’s phone body.

  12. BY Qheartless

    Can i pay someone or a company to do this for me?

    • BY kaye

      maybe you can find a repair shop or send it to the samsung service center.

  13. BY Vicky

    But why you didnt show how to put all parts together and make the phone functional again?????


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