How To Fix iPhone 6S Auto Shutdown When It Still Has Battery?

Recently, some users reported that their iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus shut off randomly even it still had 40% or more battery remaining. Apple admitted it’s a bug the battery status did not update. After a series of investigation, they came to a conclusion that the time zone or clock setting seemed to be the culprit.


So when you’re unfortunately suffering from this issue, first is to reboot your device and go to Settings > General > Time and Date to set it as auto-setting mode.


If the problem still exists, try following tips before sending in Apple for repair.

1. iOS Update

Update your iOS to the latest version to see if it works.


2. DFU Restore

A “DFU Restore” (DFU is short for Device Firmware Update) is an even deeper restore mode than the recovery mode according to Apple’s description on their website. You can DFU restore your device with following instructions:

  • ▶ Plug your iPhone 6S/6S+ into a computer and open iTunes.
  • ▶ Press and hold the Power Button and Home Button together for 8 seconds.
  • ▶ After 8 seconds, release the Power Button but continue to hold the Home Button until iTunes says “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
  • ▶ Let go of the Home Button. Your iPhone 6S will go black completely if you’ve successfully entered DFU mode. If it’s not, try again from the beginning.
  • ▶ Restore your iPhone 6S using iTunes.


3. Battery Calibration

Your iPhone 6S may need a battery calibration, learn how to calibrate an iPhone 6S battery here:

  • ▶ Run your iPhone 6S battery down to 0% and auto power off.
  • ▶ Charge your device till it reaches 100%, do not unplug or use it during the charging.
  • ▶ Leave your iPhone 6S on charge for one more hour although it has reached 100%.
  • ▶ Use your device as normal to drain the battery till zero, do not charge it during this usage.
  • ▶ Charge your iPhone 6S to 100% again and charge another hour to make sure it’s fully and completely charged.

Now your iPhone 6S’s battery is calibrated.


If one of above tips you work, possibly it’s a faulty battery, please consult your local Apple Service for a replacement. Apple will not charge you anything to replace a battery if your iPhone 6S is still under AppleCare+.





However, if you’re not covered with the warranty or AppleCare+, at least $79 will be charged to get your iPhone 6S battery replaced. Compared with that, to buy an iPhone 6S battery at an approximate cost of $40 and have it replaced by someone else or by yourself would be cheaper. Please note that you run your own risk and the warranty will be voided if you’re going to replace your iPhone 6S battery by third parties. As you may need, here is a tutorial guide about How to Replace an iPhone 6S’ Battery for your reference.

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  1. BY kakuru ramakrishna

    iphone6s atuo matik shut down why somthig problem

  2. BY Trupt Darji

    My iPhone just shut down without any reason and also not switching on. So how can I switch on my phone?

    • BY kaye

      You need to make sure your iPhone has battery power, and no problems with the display screen.

  3. BY Didier

    What I always do when I buy a second hand iPhone is doing a DFU restore, install the phone, calibrate the battery.

    If your phone shuts down a for example 9% let it drain overnight, that should drain the battery further down.
    When getting it 100%, turn your phone off and let it charge for 5 hours.

  4. BY Tom Greene

    Need to stop phone from shouting down with full battdry

  5. BY Kathryn

    I have this problem too. I have tried recalibrating the battery and that did not work. I’m now trying a full backup and restore of my phone data to see if that works having contacted apple.
    They did a battery test on my phone and confirmed that it isn’t an issue with the battery and having checked the serial number it doesn’t appear to be one of the models with ththe effected batteries. they’ve told me that if the restore doesn’t work then it needs sending in for repair but as it isn’t cracked or water damaged and is within its one year warranty it can be repaired

    • BY Glenn Huey

      My iphone6s is the same but does not fall into the faulty battery seriel number catagory. I have sent it in for repair twice but they will not repair it. They send it back . So fustrating !!!!

  6. BY thubwang

    All Iphone 6s with a certain serial nr , have foully battery’s in them. Apple has started an official battery replace program. You are able to find out which nr. to look for. Its mainly to do with the early series of I phones. Beyond those serie numbers it may be tot do with software. Please check the Apple support website for the serial numbers to be effected. Before putting a lot of work in wiping the phone , you can find them in settings- about – and scroll down. If the specific letters are in the serial number and you have the problem, Apple will replace the battery unit.

  7. BY Andy

    My 6s has the same issue

    Tried as the article suggested

    Can’t deplete the phone to 0%
    Turns off around 15%

    A shame, a phone that cost almost $1000 is so shit

    Could of bought 10 androids

  8. BY Kelly

    See my problem with calibrating the battery is that it keeps shutting down long before I can get to 0% and won’t turn back on until I plug it in to charge, so I’m never able to finish calibrating. It acts like it’s going to turn back on, then dies when I start putting in my passcode. MY husband started having the same problem with his phone too, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the battery. I’ve already tried to wipe and reload my phone which allowed it to get down to 9% before acting up instead of the 50% it had been crashing at (originally it started crashing at 20, then thirty…you get the hint)

  9. BY Andrei

    I have this problem on IPhone 6

    • BY Jungle

      So do I. It happened near the start intermittently but now regularly. Very frustrating

  10. BY Ethel

    Me 2 my iphone 6s + is shutting down when its already 40% please may i know how to fix this?

    • BY kaye

      Have you tried these ways mentioned in this article?

  11. BY Gary Palmer

    My battery worked perfectly normally until I updated to 10.2.2 then I started ahving the 40% shut down issue. Clearly it is SW driven, not the battery. I would isolate the issue to the power management function in the SW (duh!).

    • BY Kahran

      I had the same problem — battery calibration seems to fix

  12. BY kalsa derrick

    my iphone just shut down like that wats the solution


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