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For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+

  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+

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  • Compatible With: Apple iPhone 6S
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  • Compatible With: Apple iPhone 6S
  • For Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - Grade S+


    Battery Type: Non-removable lithium-ion battery

    Talk Time: Up to 14 hours on 3G

    Standby Time: Up to 10 days

    Internet Use: Up to 10 hours on 3G, up to 10 hours on LTE, up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi

    HD Video Playback: Up to 11 hours

    Audio Playback: Up to 50 hours 

    What circumstances do you need to replace the battery?

    The phone drains fast

    Phone or battery overheated

    Cliff-like power drop

    Battery volume indication error

    Battery swollen


    The iPhone 6S Battery is non-removable and is not easily changed. You have to disassemble your iPhone to replace the battery.

    This iPhone 6S battery replacement will NOT be shipped with the disassembly tools.

    This iPhone 6S Battery is a brand new and original replacement.

    This replacement battery is compatible with iPhone 6S only.

    How to Install/Tips:

    Highly recommend professional installation.

    The replacement of this Apple iPhone 6S battery replacement needs professional skills. You need to disassemble your cellphone, so please be very careful not to damage the item and your cellphone.

    Please read the instructions before using the Apple iPhone 6S battery. It may explode if damaged or exposed in fire. Do not disassemble the battery. Do not short-circuit the battery. Do not throw the battery into fire or water.

    Step 1:

    Remove the pentalobe screws in the bottom and SIM card tray.

    Step 2:

    Use a hair drier or a heat gun to heat up the iPhone 6S's edges, then use a suction cup to separate the LCD screen assembly from the rest. Note: Apple uses some adhesive to bridge the gap between the LCD screen assembly and the back housing, fortunately, it's not a strong adhesive, but you need to pay attention to it so you don't pull up the screen with to much force and damage the flex cables connecting it to the motherboard.


    Step 3:

    Remove the metal cover on the battery connector.

    First, use a PH00 Philips screwdriver to remove the 2 Philips screws on the metal cover.

    Secondly, use tweezers to remove the metal cover and a spudger to remove the connector connecting to the motherboard.


    Step 4:

    Remove the metal cover on the LCD screen Assembly's connectors, then disconnect the flex cables' connectors.

    Firstly, A PH00 Philips screwdriver is needed to remove the screws and remove the metal cover.

    Secondly, disconnect the connectors which is plugged into the iPhone 6S' motherboard. Note: different from the iPhone 6, there are 3 flex cable connectors only.

    Step 5:

    Remove the newly designed vibrating motor to make room to remove the battery.

    First, use a PH00 Philips screw driver to remove 2 screws in the vibrating motor, then tweezers are needed to get the motor out of the iPhone.


    Step 6:

    Remove the battery.

    Fortunately, Apple still uses the battery adhesive pull tabs. What we need to do is just pull out on the battery tabs to remove the adhesive.

  • (11)
    2.8 Stars
    Reviewed by Tian** Ya** 
    (Posted on 08/28/19)

    It is not an OEM battery. It's from other manufactory.

    Reviewed by Jo** Burba** deLa** 
    (Posted on 10/30/18)


    Reviewed by Jose** Borg** I** 
    (Posted on 10/15/18)

    OEM Quality and performance! Lasts a lot longer now!!

    Reviewed by pa** bian** 
    (Posted on 09/27/18)

    Battery was able to die during a normal day at work while i LEFT IT AT HOME IN AIRPLANE MODE. Somehow managing to be worse than the battery i was trying to replace! Horrible quality!

    Reviewed by Jose** Borg** I** 
    (Posted on 09/25/18)

    As described. Perfect OEM replacement. Thank you.

    Reviewed by Migu** Elizon** 
    (Posted on 07/22/18)

    Amazing! The product was indeed OEM and ready to install! Battery was at max 100% capacity ;) Will definitely buy from here again. A+ Rating!

    Reviewed by Josh** Harm** 
    (Posted on 06/28/18)

    Absolute excellence from order to delivery. Battery shows to match OEM equipment, was unharmed and in excellent working order upon arrival. Subsequent post installation tests showed battery in excellent condition.

    Reviewed by Jerm** Siemeri** 
    (Posted on 06/05/18)


    Reviewed by Asl** Tahe** 
    (Posted on 05/12/18)

    Best service I ever got - very professional !

    Reviewed by Wi** Sco** 
    (Posted on 05/05/18)

    Great original product

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