How To Check Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Model Numbers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released in August 2015 and is available in different variants depending on the different regions. It’s very important to know your Note 5 model number especially when you’re going to buy replacement parts for DIY repair. Most of the parts in different variants of the same model are interchangeable, while some of the vital parts like front bezels, charging port flex ribbons are not.


Here we list some tips to help you figure out what your Galaxy Note 5 model number is:

Galaxy Note 5 models of major carriers in the US.


Galaxy Note 5 models for other countries.

China mainland: SM-N9208, SM-N9209;

Hong Kong: SM-N9200;

Korea: SM-N920S, SM-N920L, SM-N920K;

Canada: SM-N920W8;

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore: SM-N920I;

Europe: SM-N920F;


Find the model number in the system.

Go to Settings>About, then you’ll be able to find the model number.


Find the model number on the back cover.

Some carriers will print their logos on the back covers, while some will print the model numbers directly on the back covers. Take Note 5 Sprint version back cover replacement as an example, the model number SM-N920P can be seen among the words print.


Find model number on the charging port flex.

As the charging port flex assemblies for different variants of Galaxy Note 5 are not interchangeable, model numbers will be printed on the charging port PCB board for easier recognition. Here is an example about the European version Note 5 charging port flex replacement with model number SM-N920F on the surface.

If you still have no idea what your Galaxy Note 5 model number is, you may consult with the shop where you bought your device.


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  1. BY dilip

    .hello guys i m new samsung user
    i looking forinternational samsun g note 5 but i want know is this phone good or bad
    and i want to identify international version …through model no or ime no can we identify the real samsung device …
    if some know about this phone please reply on my email

  2. BY tayyab

    hlo bro orignal samsung note 5 kn sa ha

  3. BY Jason

    I have sm-n920p i want yo know if i can change the board for sm-n920a or sm-n920i, is that possible?

  4. BY abdullah

    sir what is the model num of pure without logo model num

  5. BY azuan

    i use note 5 n920i..problem my port charging spoild,i want to know can i use port charging note 5 n920f or not.?can i ask my question..please

    • BY kaye

      Hi, sorry to say that they’re not compatible with each other , here are 2 pictures of them you can tell the differences, this is for 920i galaxy note 5 charging port and this is for 920f galaxy note 5 charging port

  6. BY Ashish

    I am looking for screen/display replacement for Samsung Note 5 duos gold, the model no. is SM920CD. I’m residing in Dubai. Kindly advise for the price and delivery in Dubai, UAE.

  7. BY Jose

    Recently rent to own a Samsung note 5 from a company model number sm-920G come to find out I checked it and after a long time I was told from Samsung itself that I had a international phone and it was made in Vietnam they cannot offer me the 1 year warranty that all Samsung phone get and somethun about they wouldn’t cover my phone for anything that I would have to send it to Vietnam cus that’s were it was manufactured and they didn’t have the info for them out there something about the phone having a international lock is why I can’t use Samsung pay and missing other features what can I do about this is it true or not


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