How to Replace Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus Battery

Recently, some visitors had left messages on our blog wondering if the Galaxy Note 5 battery is removable or replaceable. Well, generally speaking, the Note 5 battery is non-removable for individuals, however, it didn’t stop those who ever have experience in cell phone repair.


Since the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 are similar in internal structure and the battery replacement process for these two devices are almost the same, we combined the two tutorials into one. Here you go:


Replacement Parts Needed:


Tools Needed:


Step 1. Power off the device, remove the S Pen (for Note 5) and SIM card tray (for S6 Edge+).


Step 2. Heat up along the edges of back cover (for Note 5) to soften the adhesive underneath, pull up the back cover until a small gap shows up, insert the case opening tool, a guitar pick or a poker card and running it along to remove the back cover.


Notice: it’s always easier to say than to act, be extreme careful on this process. Check this post on how to replace Galaxy Note 5 back cover.


Step 3. Undo the screws in the rear housing.

There’re 18 screws in the Galaxy S6 Edge+ rear housing, while 20 screws in the Galaxy Note 5 rear housing.


Step 4. Pry up the batter flex cable ribbon connector.

Notice: the following left picture is showing connectors to be pried up before removing the logic board.


Step 5. Gently pry up to release the battery. Pay your patience and attention to this tedious job and be careful.


Now replace the new battery replacement in reverse orders.


Learn from How2Tech on how to remove the Galaxy S6 Edge+ battery and Galaxy Note 5 battery.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Disassembly Video:


Galaxy Note 5 Disassembly:


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