How to Replace a Cracked Galaxy Note 5 Glass Back Cover

Less than a week ago some users began to leave comments wondering where to buy Note 5 glass back cover replacements after we posted our how to disassemble Samsung Galaxy Note 5 guide. It seems that the Note 5 back cover is easily cracked even though it’s made of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Is the Note 5 back cover replaceable? Is it hard to get the cracked Note 5 back glass replaced and fix it? Where to buy the Galaxy Note 5 back cover replacement and how much will it cost?

First of all, the Galaxy Note 5 back glass cover is removable with lots of patience and no shortage of skill. If this is the first time you’re trying to disassemble a smartphone for repair, it’s not recommended to have a go at this as the Note 5 back glass is glued to the rear housing by extremely strong adhesive and it’s very easy to get cracked during disassembly.


ETrade Supply can supply brand new original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 back cover replacements with high quality at an approximate price of $50. The Note 5 back cover is available with different colors and logos, please select the right one before placing an order. The one that comes with the Duos logo is for the Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM version, but also fits on the Galaxy Note 5.


As for how to replace the Galaxy Note 5 back cover, here comes the tutorial:

Tools needed: screen suction cup tool, heat gun/hair drier, case opening tool, microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol and some poker cards.

1. Before starting to remove the broken Galaxy Note 5 back cover, apply some transparent adhesive tape on the cracked areas so as not to hurt yourself during the repair. Now start heating the cover to soften the adhesive by running a heat gun or hair drier around the edges of the Note 5 back glass for about 1 minutes.

2. Use a suction cup tool to pull up a gap between the back cover and rear housing, insert a case opening tool into the gap and gently run it along the edges. Then insert some poker cards to lift up more gaps. It’s not as easy as what you see in the below picture, be extremely patient.

3. Heating the edges of Note 5 glass cover again if the adhesive is not soft enough to allow you to insert the case opening tool or poker cards. Be careful on the four corners as more adhesive is applied there than the other areas.

4. Gently remove the adhesive residue off the rear housing with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to wipe the wireless charging chip during this process as it may damage the chip.

5. After cleaning the residue, peel off the protective film from the new Note 5 glass back cover replacement.

6. Gently apply the new Note 5 glass back cover replacement, make sure the camera hole and flash hole are aligned with the camera and flash. Then press down the back cover’s edges ensuring the adhesive is securely attached to the rear housing.

Thanks How2Tech for making such a wonderful tutorial video.

  1. BY Suleman

    Samsung Galaxy note 5 back glass price in Pakistan

  2. BY Khan

    Hey, Im looking for front glass to be replaced of my Note 5. How much does it cost to replace the same?

  3. BY Jawad

    Sir I need a back glass with Emi number printed

    • BY kaye

      Sorry, Jawad, the galaxy note 5 back glass replacement is not available in our website yet, we’ll let you know once it’s available asap.

      • BY Ali

        Air i need a back glass bettery door in gold clr is it available

        • BY kaye

          sorry, the back glass battery door replacement of Note 5 is not available in our website now, maybe you can look somewhere else.


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