Why LG G2 Won’t Charge Due to Low Temperature

Recently, some users turned to XDA-developers forum for help asking why their LG G2 wouldn’t charge and warned up “Low Temperature” even though they’re not in a low temperature environment. Tricks like heating up the LG G2 with a hair dryer, reset or restore the device can fix the problem temporarily. Luckily, one user shared his successful experience with us:

  1. 1. Unlock your LG G2 and dial 3845#*model no.#, for example, if your device is D800, please dial 3845#*800#.
  2. 2. Go to Setting > Battery > and turn on Fake Battery Mode.

Now your LG G2 is chargeable thought it may always show a fixed level of battery like 90% or something else. If you’d like to know how much it has charged, simply turn off the fake battery mode.

If you have any other ideas about LG G2 charging paused due to low temperature, please leave your comment below.
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  1. BY Erik

    Disable LG MLT, as it is known to drain battery and overheats:
    LG flex2 lg-h955
    1. Dial *#546368#*955# in your phone app
    2. Click on SVC
    3. Open up “LDB”
    4. Uncheck the “Enable, MLT will run after booting”

  2. BY Ahmed

    Low temperature unable to charge batery on LG-F100S

    • BY

      Hi friend, turn on your phone when you charge it to have a try, may this can help you.


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