How to Fix LG G2 Problems

LG G2 is available for various carriers with different models. Many LG G2 users have experienced some problems and they long for solutions to LG G2 issues. Aiming at providing helpful solutions for these LG G2 problems, we collect the common G2 issues and workarounds here.

How to Fix LG G2 Problems

No.1 LG G2 Issue: I Don’t Know My LG G2 Model Number

Many people are used to buy new smartphones outside of their countries and when they try to use the phones in their countries, they met problems. LG G2 has been released globally on over 130 carriers as several different model variants in the major markets: South Korea, Canada and the United States etc. G2 owners are confused about the LG G2 model numbers when they try to download ROMs or purchase G2 replacement parts to DIY repair.

Solutions: How to Find Different LG G2 Model Number

LG G2 model numbers for different carriers are listed in details below:

International LG G2 Model Number D802 (including the UK market)

LG G2 Model Number in the USA

D800 for AT&T
VS980 for Verizon
LS980 for Sprint
D801 for T-Mobile

LG G2 Model Name in Other Countries

D803 for Canada
D802TA for Australia
F320L for South Korea
D805 for Latin America

You can check this good tutorial to know How to Find LG G2 Model Number to identify your LG G2 model name.

No.2 LG G2 Issue: The LG G2 GPS Locates the Wrong Places


Some people on XDA developer or other forums reported that it takes a long time to locate the position with the GPS on the LG G2. Some are annoyed by the failure of GPS lock or the issue of locating an inaccurate position. The GPS problems popped up on various LG G2 models in different regions.

Solutions: How to Fix the Unworkable or Inaccurate LG G2 GPS Problem?


It is difficult to find the reasons for G2 GPS problems, but you can try the following steps to fix the GPS bug on the LG G2 or handle the connection problem.

• Go to Settings > Location access > Turn on the Access to my location to make sure the location services on LG G2 are available. Then wait for several minutes to use the LG G2 mapping or location app.

•  If you want more details, you can download and install the free GPS Status & Toolbox app providing satellites in view and allowing you to reset A-GPS data.

• You also can call the LG G2 retailer or carrier where you buy the phone and ask for professional help.

No.3 LG G2 Issue: The Voice on Calls Sounds Poor Quality


LG G2 users complained the poor sound issues during calls. They said the caller's voice sounds crackly or being clipped. Other LG G2 sounds problems, like popping sounds, screeching and other interference have emerged too.

Solutions: How to Fix Poor Sound Quality on Calls


•  Go to System settings > Call and try turning Voice enhancement on or off to see if the voice is improved.

•  Go to System settings > Call > Privacy keeper and disable it to see if it the voice sounds better.

• Or you can search on Internet to get some kind of software update to fix the G2 sound issue.

• Contact the LG G2 retailer or carrier where you order the phone to get professional suggestions or get a replacement.

No.4 LG G2 Issue: The LG G2 Touchscreen Doesn’t Response


Some LG G2 owners give the feedback that sometimes the device’s touchscreens are unresponsive for couple of minutes. Or it’s suddenly over sensitive and it zooms in or registers multiple key presses. You can try the workarounds listed below to fix the G2 touch screen issue.

Solutions: How to Fix LG G2 Touchscreen Issues

• Turn off the screen by pressing the power button and then turn it on again to see if it makes an improvement on the G2 touch screen issue.

• If the first solution is unworkable for you, you can try a soft reset by holding down the power button until the phone reboots.

• You can try to reduce the G2 touch screen problem by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch & hold delay from short to medium.

•  You also can opt for a replacement from your carrier or retailer to solve the G2 touch screen bug.

No.5 LG G2 Issue: LG G2 Battery Drains Fast

As we all know, battery life is still one of the biggest pain points when it comes to smartphone. Usually, you can get through a whole day after a full charge on LG G2. But if you find your LG G2 battery drains faster even when the phone is not in use, you can check if your LG G2 has a battery issue.

Solutions: How to Solve Rapid Battery Drain Problems on LG G2

• Go to Settings > General > Battery > Turn on Battery Saver.

• Google services can drain a bit of battery when they are tracking your location or backing up data, so go to Settings > look for Google under Accounts > Turn Location access off under Location settings.

• Get into Settings > General > Battery to see which apps use the most power. You can remove the apps consuming the most battery.

• You also can turn to the LG G2 carrier or retailer for a replacement.

Do the aforementioned common LG G2 problems and suggested solutions help you fix your LG G2 issues? Have you encountered other LG G2 problems? Please let us know in the comments.

  1. BY Mark A. Console

    Certain letters will not type on my screen. No “c”, “f”, “:” etc. I tap on them, no response. Is there a fix to this issue? Please advise

    • BY kaye

      Hi, you can try this 4 steps below:
      • Turn off the screen by pressing the power button and then turn it on again to see if it makes an improvement on the G2 touch screen issue.
      • If the first solution is unworkable for you, you can try a soft reset by holding down the power button until the phone reboots.
      • You can try to reduce the G2 touch screen problem by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch & hold delay from short to medium.
      • You also can opt for a replacement from your carrier or retailer to solve the G2 touch screen bug.
      May this can help you.

  2. BY azad

    useing lg g2 d802. faceing problem with network, after insert sim card 15/20 miniute working, after that network lost, or emergency call only like this, any one can help me to fix it

  3. BY amani landry

    jai mon phone G2 qui est tombe ds l’eau apres essuyage et sechage
    quant j alimente sa reagi mais n sallume pas

  4. BY sohail latif

    I have LG G2 D801 and 1 am facing a problem.when i turn on the on my cellphone 3g network does,nt work only 2g network works,kindly help me to fix this issue.thankssss

  5. BY Marieke

    I am having a problem with my screen not responding. The screen is not broken but yet when I unlock it and asks for the pattern to unlock my phone i cannot touch it . No matter what I do my phone is not responding by touching it so basically it can’t be unlocked or worked on … Can someone please help my fix this ? I have cleaned it and took of the screen protector , I also restarted it a couple of times it’s been two days and it just wont work.

  6. BY Muhammad Danish

    I updated my LG G2 after updating, my phone’s touch screen wasn’t working from the half down part, On dial pad, when i touch 1 it touches 1 and 2, ehen i touch 2 it touches 1 and three and so on like other keys. Secondly, no networking. thirdly, its memory was 32GB but after update it was left with 10GB only.
    Kindly help me out i just bought it before one week.

  7. BY Lori

    I live overseas but purchased a new LG G2 VS980 on a recent visit back to the US.
    The phone says Verizon on it, but I bought the phone because I wanted the LG G2, not because it said Verizon!!

    Only when I returned overseas, did I discover that there is a “white noise” coming from the speaker located on the bottom of the phone. The “white noise” occurs when the keyboard is open like when writing a text and while playing any media or during a phone call using speaker phone. Essentially, whenever the phone is “working”, it makes this “white noise”, even if the phone is on Silent Mode.

    I purchased and installed a new speaker, but it did NOT remedy the problem. I also had the phone reformatted but that also did NOT remedy the problem.

    Have you encountered the problem? Can you please assist me?

  8. BY faisal Hussain

    My lg g2 touch is not working properly after upgrade

  9. BY maaz

    in my LG G2 i can’t write letters more than 160 in text messaging its automatically converts the message into mms after 160 characters reached… i also installed go sms and textra but they even can’t satisfied me when i send a 1 message the users received it in the form of 3 messages.. so plz help me….

  10. BY Adele

    the headphones icon is in the notification bar. I do not have any idea how to get rid of this. I was listening to music through the phones speaker and then all of sudden the headphone icon showed up. any phone calls I receive I have to put on speaker. what can I do to fix this?

    • BY CJ in NC

      Hi Adele, wife’s hone just started same issue last night… I tried cleaning jack, graphite applied to mic port, cool blow dryer in case it was moisture some how, removing the google talk feature, haven’t tried factory reset yet… none of the online suggestions
      Were you able to resolve the issue?

  11. BY sumair

    MY lg g2 sprint ls980 bootloader not work my mobile not on 🙁 bios deletes (Any solUtion)

  12. BY Kerry Nicholson

    my LG g2 i can see anything on my screen does any one know why please

  13. BY Julie

    My LG G2 is telling me a have a text message when I do not! I’ve deleted everything, and that stupid little icon shows up with a 1 in a circle! Ugh, it’s making me crazy! Did anyone figure out how to fix this?

    • BY Julie

      Oh good grief, my husband just figured it out after an hour of battling. He changed the default SMS to google hangouts. In doing so, he sent a message to my phone. My phone is receiving a message. Google hangouts notified me of the new message AND a 2nd message my phone lost track of. In google hangouts, we deleted the messages, and when we switched back to the original native messaging app, all was well!

  14. BY Pamela Hayes

    My G2 started acting crazy a few months ago. It will be fine, then after a while the screen will start jumping with horizontal lines. You can touch the screen and it will respond, but the buttons will keep jumping all the way to the top, then you can’t do anything, you can’t even see the screen anymore. If you turn it off and back on, it will still be jumping. I’ve only had this phone since January, and I loved it! I’m so disappointed. Nobody seems to know what is wrong. I’m now using a cheap lg phone and I’m very unhappy.

    • BY Michael


      Mine is doing the same thing! This is my 3rd LG G2 and what it’s doing now is crazy! Have you found a fix?

  15. BY Adam Abubakar

    My lg g2 is annoying…my screen runs crazy and outta controll.i hate this phone compltely and totally. WASTED DEVICE

  16. BY Jeff

    Hi. Looking for help. I boght my LG G2 Mini 7 days ago. I tried restarting it earlier because the apps were crashing and phone was really slow. It won’t open again. The phone is on and the LG Logo can be seen but it won’t open. Please help. Thank you

  17. BY tiffany

    I literally hate this phone. It does what ever it wants to do. Sprint dropped the ball on this one.

  18. BY Ali

    my lg g2 ,the screen is not turning on.try to reset ,it is the same.what solution you required me to do.

  19. BY Segun

    I tun my Lg 2g off and trying to switch it on bark not coming on pls help.

  20. BY Sally-Anne

    What a relief to see that others are having problems. When I first got this phone, my first Android post years with Apple, I was over the moon with how amazing it was – especially speed and batter life. Here are now a list of all the issues I face (not one of which was a problem with the iphone):

    1 = Big problem / happens a lot
    2 = Medium / Not really acceptable but can live with it/ doesn’t happen all the time
    1 = Low frequency / impact but does happen

    Starting with ’1′ – the big problems
    Slow email – Extremely slow to download and then just as slow to actually open one of the downloaded emails and then just as slow again once I hit reply to actually be able to start typing. Driving me mad……this needs to be work phone too and is is just NOT good enough
    Brightness – as reported by others. Screen brightness is low, no matter what I set it too
    Battery – again as widely reported, battery drains like crazy now. Lucky if I can make it through to 3-4pm.
    Sensitive Screen – The screen gets over sensitive and zooms in – this happens so often it is not even funny.

    Category ’2′
    Lags or stuttering – I hit an app / text message whatever and it is slow to load
    Inaccurate GPS – Yes, as reported. Not always showing correct location etc.
    Touchscreen response – as reported. Can be slow
    Knock on feature – sometimes works. Sometimes doesn’t work. No idea why

    Category ’3′
    Mobile data fails to connect – happens sporadically
    Slow charging – yep. slow.
    Texts with photos – can take ages to send.

    Now, given this phone is only about 6 month’s old, I am baffled as to why I should have to put up with this. I don’t want to go back to apple but it looks like I might have to. Extremely unimpressed Android…….

  21. BY Dan Price

    Hello everyone, my wife and I have both had a few small issues with our touch screens on our LG G2s. I had the “no” knock problem ((after I flashed a new ROM), it would knock off, but not on. My wife’s G2 was a little flaky on her screen – unresponsive/slow.

    The following process solved both of our touch screen problems:
    From your dialpad, dial 3845#*XXX# (where xxx is your G2 model number)
    Then go to Settings –> update touchscreen firmware

    Hope this helps some of you out.

    • BY Jack

      Looks like the best response to date, I just cannot find Settings/Update touchscreen firmware? I don’t seem to have that as an option anywhere in settings.

  22. BY craig

    My phone doesn’t bring up the downloading status bar every time I try to download it says start downloading but nothing is being downloaded nd it sucks this update made everything worse

  23. BY Umutcan

    hi guys. my g2 not exit earphone mode. always plug earphone icon. change flex cable but not change. help me..

    • BY ashley

      Did you ever fix that problem? My bf’s just started doing it tonight. Tried pretty much everything. No luck!

  24. BY Mary Groves

    My phone lg g2 was brand new & ran like a racecar til it was updated with kit kat all went to hell in hand basket. Verizon still claims there is nothing wrong with my phone even though after the update at the time they said 30 people were in the store with the same phone and same problem. Then next trip to store after a promise of a fixit update they denied anything being wrong. Now tomorrow I discovered T-Mobile is sending out that update and Verizon still denies any thing is wrong. 500 bucks and ins I’m paying for defective workmanship to Verizon has a gag order going on now denying everything. Can’t wait to change to T-Mobile. My phone suffers for all the above probs. Verizon insinuates I’m lying. Kit kat update broke the phone and most people know it, now u do too.

    • BY Timmy

      For those switching from one carrier to another; don’t expect all problems to go away. I switched from Verizon to Sprint as Verizon was getting ridiculously expensive. Sprint was OK for a wile and then started jacking their cost up so I switched to T-Mobile. T-Mobile gives me the biggest bang for my buck, but the service coverage is not as good as Sprint or Verizon. One big plus for T-M is when traveling out of the US it is unlimited free text, low call rates, and unlimited free phone over Wi-Fi any ware including over seas. The LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy where both glitchy on any of the three services. Old flip phone, Razor and ENVE never gave me problems. Oh yes, and I too am having all the same issues with my LG G2 as I see here. Is anyone getting any helpful responses here?

  25. BY mike
    | g2 was dropped in water…still works except the upper part of the touch screen.
    what part should i replace?



  26. BY Denise

    My LG G2 has a mind of it’s own. It just starts jumping around like it’s possessed. I turn it off and reset and that works for a little while and then it just does it again. It won’t respond to anything. Then when it finally settles down it doesn’t respond to touch. It’s really bad and nothing seems to correct it. Shouldn’t have even bothered trying it, I’m disgusted with it

    • BY Sabrina

      Denise, did anyone answer your question or did you get the problem solved? I have the same problem.

    • BY Sakthi

      same as the problem mentioned by Densie, my phone has its mind of its own .. please. suggest me aremedy

      • BY Gene

        The trouble I have is after I use my phone for a wile it starts to jump from one app to another. then it gets faster and faster until it clicking all over the place I would shot it completely of for ten minutes turn it back on and it would be ok for a wile but it always comes back. and I can’t find out what to do to correct it permanently. I’m really degusted with it.


    My LG G2 screen started giving me trouble 2 days ago.
    1st, there was a delay in response to letters that I typed
    2nd, double tap/knock knock/knock on stopped working to turn on the phone. It only works to turn it off.
    I tried several of the online suggestions, none worked.
    THIS IS WHAT I FOUND, go to;
    Settings>Accessibility>Universal touch(on). When the Universal touch icon appears on the screen, drag it from top to bottom, left to right and diagonally. The icon should move smoothly over the entire screen. Wherever the icon jumps or skips any section of the screen that area is not working.

    • BY Heather

      Mine has a small area that’s not working, and the knockon is not working. What would you suggest I do?

  28. BY Victoria

    My LG g2 over heats so such and I won’t even be on it. I’d close all my apps and reset it. It still doesn’t work sometime I have to turn the whole thing day for the whole day cause it’ll over heat and I won’t even be on it.

    • BY zina

      I bought my first lg g2 5 months ago well its the worst cell phone ever. After 3 months it started overheating i could fry eggs on it and the touch screen was not responding.The sound while talking on the phone is awful. Those buttons on the back are not helpful at all. My phone was replaced, i have my new lg g2 for a week with the same issues again!

    • BY Sakthi

      I am also facing the same problem.. please suggest me a remedy

  29. BY Coen

    My LG G2 is suffering from the known GPS issue, i.e.: connections drop in multiple apps, poor location accuracy, orientation of google maps does not align with travel direction, travel direction at low speeds is wrong.
    Recently, I noticed that an active data connection deteriorates the location accuracy. Don’t know if it is hardware (e.g. interference) or software (e.g. agps) related.
    Does my finding correspond to other lg g2 owners’ gps issues?

    If anyone wants to recreate my findings: install gps test, switch off all data connections, run gps test, wait untill accuracy is good (e.g. <8m), switch on data and observe accuracy. Mine drops from approximately 3m to 13m…

    When this is not an isolated observation we may have a lead to find the cause of the GPS issue

    • BY wolfen3

      any solution ?


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