The Cost Of Repairing A Broken iPhone 6 Screen

In September of 2014, an Australian named Jack Cooksey was the first to buy an iPhone 6 from Perth's flagship store, as well as the first one to drop it right after he opened the box. During those first few days till now, floods of news have sprung up reporting cracked iPhone 6 screens. Consequently, users may wonder how much does it cost to repair a smashed iPhone 6 screen, here is a breakdown of the DIY costs to repair a broken iPhone 6 screen for your reference. iphone 6 cracked screen cost

1. Cost of replacing a front glass panel.

It doesn’t cost that much to replace only the glass on an iPhone 6, granted your phone's screen is cracked but the display and touch still work as usual. However, it is a difficult and high-risk repair, and you run the risk of further breaking your screen if you're not a professional or are unfamiliar to cellphone repair. A brand new and original iPhone 6 Glass Lens replacement is less than $10.

 iPhone 6 glass lens 2. Cost of repairing a touch screen.

As the touch screen is hermetically attached to the LCD display, the whole LCD assembly should be replaced considering the difficulty and risk, if your iPhone 6's touchscreen failed to respond after the damage it would be a much safer choice to replace the whole assembly. It costs about $40 to buy a replacement brand new original iPhone 6 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame.

iPhone 6 LCD screen assembly 3. Cost of repairing an LCD display.

The same difficulty and risk go into replacing an LCD as with replacing a touchscreen. We recommend replacing the whole assembly if your iPhone 6's screen goes black or displays the wrong colors after the damage. A replacement iPhone 6 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame will cost you less than $50.

If you want to replace the home button, you will need to buy the iPhone 6 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame and Home Button as well. This item is more expensive, about $55. However, with this item, the replacement work is much easier and less risky to perform. Please note that the replacement iPhone 6 home button supports all functions except for unlocking the screen with fingerprint, as the Touch ID sensor is tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone.

4. DIY repair tools required. You may also buy an iPhone repair tool kit instead, which covers all the tools you would need to repair an iPhone or iPad. (Edit in 2018)
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  1. BY Rana Fahad

    i want to buy a glass of panel it is broken of my iphne 6

  2. BY Poornima.K

    iphone 6 front glass cracked. Hence please let me know the replacement cost

    • BY kaye

      Hi Poornima, only replace the front glass need some professional equipment, it is hard for you or most repair shops, the best way for you is replace the wholesale iPhone 6 LCD screen. The cost you pay is the product price + labor cost. May this can help you.

  3. BY Sanjay

    Hi my I phone 6 glass cracked how much for it

    • BY

      Hi Sanjay, you should replace the whole LCD screen, you can buy the iPhone 6 LCD screen here. If you replace it in a repair shop, it is much expensive than this price. May this can help you, thank you.

  4. BY Paddy McGowan

    Hi my iPhone 6 black out and smashed screen , putting on charge make vibration or sound Tut Tut Tut like that , what’s the matter with it I’m just seeking answer for it ??

  5. BY DKhil

    Do you have a Apple Store Application

  6. BY Kiahan

    My I phone 6 display has been cracked ,
    How much it’s cost of display with digitizer ?

    Your reply is much appreciated .

  7. BY Akhil

    My iPhone 6s display broken how much the cost of it… India

  8. BY Jarod Goozeff

    Hi, my iphone 6+ is stuck on lock screen and unresponsive how kuch is it to repair?

    • BY Quentin

      Have you tried a soft restart aka holding the sleep and home button down to fix it?

  9. BY prabin

    hello there i got my iphone 6 screen cracked but all my screen touch and sensor are working alright so how much it will cost ??

  10. BY Abubukar

    Front green glass price in naira and where to get in Nigeria

  11. BY mahesh kumar

    estimated of coast

  12. BY maddie

    hi, I recently cracked the screen and messed up my digitizer in my i phone 6+. I was wonder if you knew a good place to get it fixed for cheap in the Columbus Ohio area?


    iPhone 6 glass is broken but the touch is working fine!how much would it cost me to repair the glass?

  14. BY Spencer

    Only my screen is cracked, what all do I need to buy?

  15. BY Dean

    Are the tools required to fix the iphone 6 cracked screen the same as the 6 plus?

    • BY May

      Hi Dean, yes, they are.

  16. BY Stella pietersen

    I would like to order a l c d the full thing . I need to know a price and how long does it take to arrive in south africe

    • BY May

      Hello Stella, it takes about 4 days, thanks!

  17. BY Swissure (Sweets) Forreal

    Me and the misses was at the hospital visiting mother and I was sitting down in a chair mind you not standing when my IPhone 6 plus feel on the floor and shattered oh yeah and it was encased in the OTTER BOX the most expensive one didn’t think I needed the insurance because of the OTTER BOX it was eighty dollars what can I do.

  18. BY tela quebrada iphone Santa Maria

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  19. BY Aqib

    How did u change my lcd for iPhone 6

  20. BY Jaquesnadez

    This is the one of the best blog about broken iPhone 6 plus screen. Thanks for, shared with us. I would like to recommend Bulk Repair Parts for buy iPhone replacement parts and screens at wholesale price.

  21. BY elyaks

    I will be very glad if I get the screen and sensor

  22. BY Kimberly Cobb

    i just got a new I phone 6 plus a month ago & the case I have on it a waterproof shockproof aluminum metal glass gorilla gas case cover. My purse fel on it while it was sitting on the counter. I don’t know how this could have made it crack. Any suggestions welcoeis


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