Supposed iPhone 6 Rear Housing Leaked Including New Dark Color

Several hours ago, MacRumors received a series of photos and a separated video about iPhone 6 from Feld & Volk, which focused on iPhone customized service. Feld&Volk claimed that they have cooperated with the iPhone components suppliers for more than 6 years.

The quality of the exposed photos is so high that we can see the design details clearly in the rear housing. Made of thin metal with cutouts for the Apple logo, the casing also features the same antenna breaks that have been previously seen in mockups. Some rumors have suggested the antenna breaks might not be as apparent on the final design. Actually, this shell is still on the production stage, and such as the full set of camera/mic/flash holes have not yet been punched out.

What’s more, a new dark black piece came out for the first time, and it is darker than the currently spotted grey piece. so the legitimacy of this shell is still somewhat questionable.

More details can be seen in this video: iPhone 6 original body Feld & Volk  


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