iPhone X Explosion: 7 Small But Important Things To Note

Recently, according to news from an American iPhone user Rocky Mohamadali, during the upgrade of iPhone X to iOS 12.1, the phone suddenly overheated aufblasbarer hindernisparcours and then exploded. After posting the news of the iPhone X explosion on Twitter, it caused a lot of attention.


iPhone X explosion image


The user said that his iPhone X has been used for 10 months, and it has always been good. Also, the charging accessories(charger and USB cable) are original. For this situation, Apple has responded on Twitter: This's definitely not expected behavior. There is no necessary connection with iOS 12.1. And I hope that users will send this iPhone X back to investigate the cause of the explosion.


Since the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we are very sensitive to mobile phone security issues, so how to use our cell phone correctly and safely?


Here we have compiled 7 small but very important suggestions:


  1. 1. Don't use it while the phone is charging, especially you are making a phone call.

  3. 2. Use Apple's original charger and data cable, or choose MFi-certified charging accessories.

  5. 3. Don't leave your device in an overheated place, such as a car in summer.

  7. 4. In general, there is no problem with the iPhone's battery usage for two years. However, depending on the individual's use, the length of battery life is different. If your iPhone battery has been used for more than two years, it is recommended to check it regularly to avoid serious battery aging and cause problems. You can go to the Apple Store to replace an original battery.

  9. 5. Don't charge the iPhone for a long time, overcharging can easily lead to the battery bulge. If the battery has a bulge, do not continue to use it. You should replace a new battery in the Apple Store or repair shop immediately. After charging is complete, unplug the charger and cable.

  11. 6. When charging your iPhone at night, you should let the device stay away from the person and do not charge it on the bed. Charging your phone in bed can roll it into the bedding, creating a safety hazard.

  13. 7. When you feel that your phone is hot, please do not use your phone.


Any questions and suggestions about iPhone, welcome to comment below.


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