How to Replace the LG V10 Screen in 5 Steps

The newly released LG V10 is one of the most unique flagship of 2015. The two displays and the dual front facing cameras make it stands out among other android smartphones. Tough the phone has adopted the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection purposes, cracking the LG V10 front glass is still the most common accident happened. In this Article, we will walk you through a step by step screen replacement guide for LG V10.


Repair Tools Needed:


Step 1. Power off the phone, then remove the battery door and battery.


Step 2. Remove 14 Phillips Head screws to release the rear housing, then you could press to release the camera lens if you need to replace it.



Step 3. Disconnect the earphone jack connector and LCD display connector to release the motherboard. (Both the front and rear camera are on the motherboard which can be taken out and replaced at this step)



Step 4. Remove 6 Phillips Head screws holding the 2 side bars then for the bottom plastic cover to remove the side bars.



Step 5. Take out the top plastic cover on the front screen of LG V10. After this, you could swap the new screen assembly with front housing

Source: Jerryrigeverything's YouTube channel

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  1. BY Darrell

    The glass has cracks. How do you know if its the front screen glass lens or the entire LCD display + touch screen digitizer that needs to be replaced?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Darrell, if the touch function is well and no black spot on the display, you only need to replace the glass lens. If there is a black spot on the screen, the LCD screen is broken. If there is no touch on the display, the touch screen digitizer is damaged. But if your glass is broken and you want to replace it, the repair shop will always replace the whole LCD screen because only replace the glass lens have a risk to damage the LCD.

  2. BY Kenneth

    I would like to purchase the kit “How Much ?

  3. BY Jaeho Kim

    Can you do a guide/video on how to remove the glass with the heat gun or something? I purchased a replacement for the screen, but not with the frame.

    • BY kaye

      Hi, since replacing only the screen needs very professional skill, and there will a big risk of damaging the screen,so we commend you to send it to the repair shop to do this job.


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