LG V20 Quick Teardown Review Within 3 Minutes!

It has been a year since the last LG V10 released, now we’ve meet the V10’s brother- the new flagship, LG V20. According to most people, this powerful LG V20 has received a favorable review. With two screens on the front, dual camera on the back, a removable battery, Android 7.0 Nougat running the show, this phone has been recognized as one of the most important new phones in the second half of 2016. Actually it has been revealed that this LG V20 is quiet easy to be disassembled, so let’s get through this big phone teardown and see how easy it is to be repaired!


Remove Battery door first.Power off the phone and we can find a button on the side of the back door.


1.remove battery cover


After the battery door removed, we can see that removable battery is in front of us, you can take it out now.




Then we got 21 Phillips screws here to be removed off. Also keep in mind that the bottom for a top-four screws are a little bit longer than the others. So you may want to keep the screws in order.


3.remove 21 screws


Now we can remove the top and bottom piece, which may take a lot efforts.


4.remove top and bottom bar cover


5.remove top and bottom bar cover


Once you get these 2 pieces off, then we can separate the back frame by a guitar pick.


6.remove back frame


7.remove back frame


We can see dual camera glass lens and fingerprint scanner.




With back frame removed, So we can touch motherboard now.


8.motherboard of lg v20


Disconnect the screen flex cable and you can also disconnect the small rear camera connector and remove it.


9.remove connectors


Then remove the motherboard.


10.remove motherboard


We can take a deeper look at the motherboard.


lg v20 motherboard


The charging port is soldered to the motherboard, so if your charging port flex cable is broken, then sadly, you may need replace the whole motherboard.




So left the front screen assembly, with an earpiece, front-facing camera, vibrator, and headphone jack. All these small stuff can be removed easily.


11.front housing assembly






After all these steps, we can see that the whole teardown work can be done within 3 minutes, it is a durable but easily repairable smartphone, which is a good thing for us if we need some spare parts replaced. Have you ready to get this powerful smartphone in hand? Any thoughts welcome to share with us! if you need original and high-quality mobile phone replacements, welcome to ETrade Supply!


(Picture sources from Youtube channel: pwrdbykyank)


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  1. BY Brian

    Is it possible to replace front glass only or do you need the entire lcd?

    • BY kaye

      Hi,Brain, actually replace only the front glass needs very professional skills and machines,we’d always suggest people to replace the entire screen assembly together.

  2. BY Micharl

    I would like to know if/when etradesupply.com will have the camera lens glass replacement for the VS995.

  3. BY Elias

    Where can we find replacement parts for the V20? I tore mine down to fix a screen and the headphone jack and (top ear) speaker got busted. Where can I just get these parts from?

    • BY kaye

      Hi,Elias,sorry,the LG V20 screen replacement is out of stock at the moment, we’ll keep you informed once it’s available asap.

      • BY stephanie

        Hello can you give me information I have a v20 and I just noticed my camera lens is cracked I didn’t drop my phone or anything and have a very heavy duty protective case on it but can I buy such parts and can it be replaced for a low cost

        • BY kaye

          hi, sorry to say that the LG V20 camera lens replacement can hardly be found yet, you’d better ask for LG service center to see if there are spare parts.

  4. BY Ryan

    Where can I find replacement camera glass? Seems to be a huge issue with the v20 but I can’t find the replacement parts anywhere.

    • BY kaye

      sorry there is no LG V20 spare parts available in the market at the moment, you’d better ask help for LG service center.

  5. BY Harvey

    sir can you picture whole :back frame : because my speaker my problem i dont no what happen 🙁

    • BY kaye

      what’s wrong with your speaker? you mean this part got broken?lg v20 speaker

  6. BY AE Stagge

    Curious if you determined the purpose of the small black spring loaded switch to the left and slightly blow the camera lenses?
    Many thanks for the great post.

  7. BY Charles anderson

    Wondering where the antenna is located in the lg v20.thank you.

  8. BY annette pritchett

    hello. I was wondering if you had a loud speaker for an LG V20 phone? Mine is Busted and needs replacing. Please try to let me know buy sat. Thank you Annette

    • BY kaye

      Sorry we don’t have LG V20 replacement in stock right now, we’ll keep you informed if it’s available asap.


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