The Newest iPhone XS/XS Max Common Issues and Solutions

Every year, when Apple releases the new iPhone, it will be accompanied by some minor problems. It is 3 weeks after people received their new iPhone, here we collected some iPhone XS/XS Max common problems such as charging problem, Wi-Fi and Speaker issues.


iPhone XS and XS Max image


Problem 1. Wi-Fi and LTE connect problem


Apple improved the iPhone XS/XS Max LTE speed with the 4x4 MIMO, but according to some users’ feedback, the device Wi-Fi and LTE speed are slower compared to the iPhone X.


How to solve it


This issue doesn’t happen on all iPhone XS/XS Max device, and this issue can be solved through the iTunes. Restore your device with the iTunes (don’t restore with the backup) can reportedly fix the Wi-Fi and LTE slow problem.


Problem 2. Can’t charging issue


When the iPhone XS/XS Max is low of power, we always plugin it to charge with a Lighting Cable. But some users find that their devices can’t charge until waking up the device. This problem not effects all devices, and the reason why this happens is not confirmed.


How to solve it


Apple has confirmed the problem and has solved it in the iOS 12.1. Before you update the system, you can also try these methods.


  1. Try another lighting cable or charger, also you can charge it with the Qi wireless charger.
  2. Wake up the device when charging.
  3. Reboot your device


Problem 3. Selfie problem


iPhone X, XS and XS Max selfie comparison


Apple adds a new feature to the iPhone XS/XS Max front-facing camera to make the photos smoothing. But the selfie is too smooth that makes people think it is taken in a beauty mode.


How to solve it


If you don’t like the smooth selfie, you can close the HDR. To close iPhone XS HDR, please Go to Settings>>Camera>>Tap Smart HDR.


Problem 4. iPhone XS case adaptation problem


The iPhone XS is considered to be the successor to the iPhone X and has no changes in the appearance. But people find that the iPhone X case is not suited for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS rear camera is wider and longer.


How to solve it


The only way to solve this issue is to buy a new iPhone XS case, please make sure the case is for iPhone XS, not for the iPhone X. You’d better buy it in a reputable shop.


Problem 5. Slow charging speed


Compared to a few years ago, the capacity of the iPhone battery is getting bigger and bigger. But the power of the charger has not changed, and the iPhone XS/XS Max is still using the traditional 5W charger which leads to the charging increased.


How to solve it


The iPhone XS/XS Max supports fast charging, to charge your device faster, you can use a Mac or iPad charger.


Problem 6. Top speaker stops working


To make a 3D stereo effect, the iPhone XS makes the earpiece speaker and loudspeaker work together. However, some customers find their device top speaker stop working suddenly when playing music.


How to solve it


It is good news that this issue doesn’t affect the phone call. Restart the device can fix this issue but the problem may come back.


Have you bought the latest iPhone XS/XS Max? Which problem have you encountered and how do you solve it? Welcome to comment below.


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