How Much Does It Cost To Fix iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?

Apple released three new iPhones on September 12 this year. iPhone XS Max is the most expensive phone of the year, starting at $1099 and the highest price is $1499. This is $100 higher than the starting price of $999 for the iPhone X last year. iPhone XS and XS Max use the OLED screen and glass back housing, while the iPhone XR use the LCD screen and glass back housing.


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Last year, Apple had increased the price of iPhone X's Apple Care+ from $149 to $199 and the iPhone X screen repair costs also increased. How much does it cost to fix iPhone XS, XS Max and XR this year?


iPhone Screen repair cost


The screen is an important part of the iPhone, if you accidentally drop your device to the ground and break the screen. This will not only affect the aesthetics but also affect the touch and screen display function. Seriously, it will lead to screen black and unable to use the phone. So when the phone screen breaks, we always choose to repair it with a new screen. How much does it cost to repair iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR screen replacement?


With Apple Care +:


If you bought the Apple Care + for your iPhone, you can get two incidents of accidental damage coverage, which means you can repair your iPhone with low price in the Apple Store.


iPhone xs, xs max and xr screen repair price


The iPhone XR screen repair price is not shown on the Apple now. (Updates, iPhone XR screen price is $199 without AppleCare+)


Without Apple Care +:


The iPhone XS Max screen repair cost in the Apple Store is $329, which is $50 higher than the iPhone XS and X.


iPhone Battery repair cost


The battery is also an important part for the iPhone, if the iPhone battery is bad, you may get a bad battery life, the phone gets hot and other issues. If your phone has these problems, it is necessary to replace a new battery.


With Apple Care +:


If you have the Apple Care + and it is within the validity period, it is free to replace the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR battery in the Apple Store.


iPhone xs, xs max and xr battery replace price


Without Apple Care +:


If your iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are out of the warranty, it will cost you $69 to replace a new battery in the Apple Store, it is $40 higher than the iPhone X.


Other damage repair cost


What is other damage? If you have issues with your iPhone, except the screen and battery issue, other issues are referred to as other damage.


With Apple Care +:


If you have the Apple Care +, you can fix your iPhone water damage, broken back housing glass and other issues with price $99.


Other damage services Apple Care + Out of warranty
iPhone XS Max $99 $599
iPhone XS $99 $549
iPhone X $99 $549


Without Apple Care +:


If the iPhone XS Max is out of warranty, you need to pay $599 to repair it in the Apple store, which is $50 higher than the iPhone XS and X. With $599, you can buy a new iPhone 8 in the Apple.


For the iPhone XR repair cost, it is not shown on the We will always pay attention to it and keep it up to date. (iPhone XR other damage service price is $399)

For most iPhone users, they would like to repair their iPhone device in the third-repair shop if the device is out of warranty or without Apple Care +. It's convenient and cheap to repair a mobile phone at a nearby repair shop.


Any questions about the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR repair cost, welcome to comment below.

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