How To Replace Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus LCD Screen, Charging Port And Battery

It has been 3 months so far since Samsung Galaxy S8 was released. No doubt that it’s a successful smartphone. Though the rear fingerprint will cause inconvenience in daily use and some users encountered red tint issue, that still can't stop people loving this phone. Now let’s tear down the phone to see what is in it and how to replace the LCD screen, charging port and battery.


Repair tools needed:



Step 1 Power off the Phone and take out SIM Card Tray


First power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray with ejection tool.






Step 2 Remove Back Housing


Softening the adhesive with a heating gun would help to remove the back housing easier.




Pry the gap between the frame and back housing with a metal tool.




Put the playing card into the gap and slide around the frame to cut the adhesive.




Release the fingerprint connector on the motherboard with a spudger.




Step 3 Remove Fingerprint


Pry the fingerprint on the back housing with a spudger, heating the back cover with a heat gun will make it easier to remove.




Step 4 Remove Wireless Charging Coil and Loud Speaker


Undo 15 screws as the picture shown below with Philips screwdriver.




Pry the wireless charging coil including NFC out with nylon spudger.




Pry out the loudspeaker module.




Step 5 Remove Battery


Remove the battery connector as the picture shown below.




Cut the battery adhesive with playing card then pry the battery out.




Here is the Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery.




Step 6 Remove Motherboard


Release connectors as the pictures shown below.






Take out the motherboard carefully.




Step 7 Remove Daughterboard


Remove 5 screws as the picture shown below.




Pry out the daughter board with a spudger, you will find the daughter board includes the microphone, Type-C charging port and headphone jack.




Step 8 Remove Earphone, Front Facing Sensor and Vibration Motor


Take out the earphone, front facing sensors and motor as the picture shown below with tweezers.



Step 9 Remove Button Keys


Remove the button keys as the pictures shown below with tweezers.






Step 10 Remove Cameras


The front camera, Iris camera and rear camera are on the motherboard as the picture attached below.




Until now the disassembly work is completed, if you have any questions and suggestions, welcome comments below.

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  1. BY Joseph Rincon

    I’ve got a Galaxy S8 plus and am waiting for parts. I’m doing a complete rebuild screen,LCD etc. I was told this route was the easiest frame and everything. Looking forward to the parts getting here and dreading them at the same time.

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