Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Teardown In 7 Steps

To compete with iPhone for smartphone market share, Samsung launched the newest flagship phone Galaxy Note 8. It came to us with a 6.3-inch FullVision QHD+ screen, dual rear cameras, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 SoC and an S Pen. Here we’d like to show you the whole teardown processes of this Galaxy Note 8.

Tools Needed:

Heat gun

Suction Cup

Pry tools


Screw driver

Step 1 Remove Back Housing

Heating the back housing with a heat gun makes it easier to gap the back housing with a suction cup. Insert a pry bar into the gap and slide around the screen to open the phone.

Release the finger sprint cable connector on the motherboard with a spudger then the back housing can be removed easily.

Step 2 Remove Wireless Charging Coil

Undo 17 screws shown in pictures below then remove the wireless charging coil, the speaker with a spudger.

Step 3 Remove Headphone Jack

Undo the screw and release the connector shown in pictures below then the headphone jack can be taken out easily with a tweezers. You should release the battery connector at first.

Step 4 Remove Motherboard

Release several connectors shown in pictures below with a spudger and undo a screw with a screwdriver then you can remove the motherboard easily.

Step 5 Remove Cameras

Release the connectors on the motherboard shown in pictures below with a spudger then you can remove the cameras.

Step 6 Remove Charging Port

Undo 3 screws on the charging board shown in pictures below then you can take it out with a spudger.

Step 7 Remove Battery

Pry out the battery with a pry bar. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 12.71Wh, which is smaller compared with Note 7.

Here are the total parts of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Any ideas about this phone, welcome to comment below.

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  1. BY carin

    I have a samsung galaxy note that i have turned it on once a Android man came on said not turn phone off phone went off has never came back on ! i work at a car lot and found it in the car and we cant find the owner of phone


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