How to Replace Google Pixel Screen, Battery, and Charging Port Flex Cable

After the big brother Google Pixel XL disassembly, here we are going to tear down the other Android phone from Google, the little brother- 5.0- inch Google Pixel. This disassembly also shows you how to remove the screen, battery and charging port and other small parts inside, let’s get started.


These repair tools are needed:



Step 1 Remove Screen Assembly


Like the Pixel XL, we can remove the screen assembly directly. First power off the phone.


1.power off the phone


Then apply some heat to the screen, which will make it easier when we loosen the screen adhesives.


2.heat up the screen surface


Then use a very thin metal prying tool to slide between the screen and middle frame to cut all of the screen adhesives.


3.pry up screen


4.loosen screen adhesives carefully


Be careful not scratch the screen glass. If you feel a little hard to loosen adhesives then add more heat.


4.loosen screen adhesives


After loosening all adhesives, do not hurry to separate the screen from the middle frame, there is the screen connector still connecting to the motherboard.


5.remove screen


Undo these 2 T5 screws and remove the metal cover.


6.remove screws


Then release the screen flex cable connector and the screen assembly can be removed.


7.release screen connector


Step 2 Remove Battery


First, there are 9 T5 screws securing the middle plate to the rear housing assembly, remove them all.


8.remove screws


Then pry out the middle plate there is no adhesives underneath.


9.remove middle frame


Be careful there is the earpiece speaker flex cable underneath.


10.remove connector


After removing the middle plate, then we can disconnect the battery connector, also there is the extension flex cable connecting the charging port flex to the motherboard, release it.


11.unplug battery connector


12.remove connector


13.remove connector


Then we can pry out the battery.


14.remove battery


Step 3 Remove Charging Port Flex Cable


There is a T5 screw needs to be removed.


15.undo T5 screw


Use the tweezers to pry up the charging port flex cable, it’s a little sticky underneath.


16.remove charging port


The charging port comes with the vibrator.


17.remove charging port with vibrator


Remember to release the black and white signal cable connectors.


18.release signal cable


So here is the charging port flex cable with the vibrator.


31.charging port flex


By the way, we can remove the loudspeaker here.


19.remove loudspeaker


Step 4 Remove Motherboard


First undo 2 T5 screws here.


20.remove T5 screws


Release 2 signal cable connectors and the power & volume button flex cable ribbon connector.


21.release signal cable sonnector


22.remove connector


Don’t forget to take out the SIM card tray before removing the motherboard. Actually, you can take it out before teardown work started.


23.remove sim card tray


Now we can remove the motherboard.


24.remove motherboard


Note the fingerprint sensor flex cable connector underneath.


25.release fingerprint sensor flex


After removing the motherboard, then we can pull out the fingerprint sensor flex cable.


26.remove fingerprint sensor flex cable


Now we can see what we can remove from the motherboard.




Just the front facing camera, the rear facing camera.


28.remove front camera


29.remove small stuff


30.remove rear camera


So then we’ve disassembled the whole Google Pixel.


Welcome any advice, don’t hesitate to share with us!


(Picture source from JerryRigEverything Youtube)


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