6 Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL Common Issues and How to Fix

Nothing is perfect, even though it is the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. With time going, many issues were found by the users. Some of the issues appear in all smartphone, others only happen on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. If you have encountered some issues on Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL, this article is very helpful to you. We have collected many common problems and possible solutions.

1. How to fix fingerprint sensor is slow in Android P beta

Google Pixel 2 fingerprint

As the Pixel 2 is the product of Google, you can use the Android P at the first time. But if you use the open beta, the fingerprint sensor might work slower than before. To avoid this issue, don’t use the Android P beta system, also we hope Google can fix this issue in the next version.

2. How to fix Google Pixel 2 burn-in issue

Google Pixel 2 brun in

Google Pixel 2 use an OLED screen, there is a common issue that it will burn-in over time. If your device screen has a burn-in issue within 2 weeks, please contact Google support and get a replacement device. Although the burn-in is very common on OLED screen, it doesn't appear on the display so rapidly. So, the Google extend the warranty time to 2 years. Google has updated the software to fix the Google Pixel 2 display burn-in issue. This update cannot avoid screen burning, but it can delay it.

3. How to improve Google Pixel 2 battery life

Google Pixel 2 battery life

As we all know, most of the smartphone’s battery life is not too long, even the Google Pixel 2 XL battery capacity is 3520 mAh, it can be used only one day. Here we collected 3 ways to improve the battery life:

a. Uninstall the unused App

If you have many useless App, they will drain your battery, just uninstall them. Also, you can install it when you need it.

b. Uninstall or reinstall the App who drains the battery fast

Go to battery setting to find out the Apps who drain the battery over 5%, then make sure whether the App is the need or not. If it is needed, please reinstall the newest version. If it is not needed, please uninstall it.

c. Turn off the always-on display

The screen always consumes the most power, and if we can reduce the power consumption of the screen, we can improve the battery life of the phone. Go to Display setting > Turn off “Always-on” to reduce the display battery drains.

4. How to fix Google Pixel 2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems

Google Pixel 2 wifi and bluetooth issue

In daily use, we always encounter the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connect issue. If you don’t know how to solve these issues, here are a few tips for you:

1) Turn off and back on later

Turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth which you can’t connect and wait a few minutes to turn on. The issue can be fixed in most of the times.

2) Reboot the device

Sometimes, the issue was caused by the Bluetooth headphones or the wireless router, reboot the device is a good way to fix the issue.

3) Forget the network or device

Go to the network/device list and forget it then reconnect it to see whether it can be fixed.

4) Reset settings

Go Settings > Reset options > "Reset WI-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth" Confirm what you want to reset, and all setting here will return back to their defaults. Now you can reconnect the network or device.

5. How to fix Google Pixel 2 headphone adapter issues

Google Pixel 2 headphone adapter

The Google Pixel 2 has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it comes with a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adaptor in the box. However, it doesn’t work normally. When plugging the headphone, the music or video play through the speakers, not the headphone. Here are 2 ways to fix this issue:

①. Removing the adapter and plugging it back, it will come back to work very quickly.

②. Sometimes, the first way doesn’t work, you can do this. Firstly, close the music or video. Then install the adapter or headphone, it will work as normal.

6. How to factory reset or hard reset the Pixel 2 or 2 XL

If you still can’t fix some issues through the methods we mentioned, we can try to factory reset or hard reset the device. Before doing it, you should back up your device data.

Factory reset: Go Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data

Hard reset: Turn off the device > Press and hold the volume down button, power button until the device turn on > Tap volume down twice and the power button to enter Recovery Mode > Hold the power button then press and release the volume up button > Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” with volume buttons > Choose “Yes” with the power button

If you have suffered other issues about Google Pixel 2, welcome to comment below.

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