How To Identify Different LG G4 Model Numbers

As the successor to the LG G3, the LG G4 was released into LG’s flagship smartphone product line on April 2015. Like the LG G3, this new generation of LG G series devices has many different variants and models, here we’re going to sort them out.


1. Generally, the following rules can be applied to the LG G4 model ranges.


LG G4 model numbers major U.S. carriers:

LG G4 model numbers for different areas:

2. Check the model number in the system by going to Settings>About.


3. Find the carrier logo on the LG G4 back cover and then check with the above charts.

4. If you still have no idea, call the store where you bought the device for help.


Also, there’re some other models derived from LG’s G4.

LG G4c: LG H525N

LG G4 Dual: aka LG G4 Dual-LTE, LG G4 Dual-SIM, LG H818P (Indonesia, Ukraine, Thailand), LG H818N (Hong Kong)

LG G4 Stylus: aka LG G Stylo for T-Mobile

LG G4 Beat: aka LG G4s, G4 s, LG H735

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