Find Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model Number

In an effort to dominate the fierce competitive smartphone market, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Note III on September 4, 2013 at IFA Berlin, after it has gained a tremendous success on the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year. Galaxy Note III came with no surprise that it joined Samsung's phablet lineup and outperformed its predecessor - Galaxy Note II on thinner and narrower outlook, upgraded hardware and impressive software.


Featuring a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, the 5.7 inches Galaxy Note 3 runs Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean). And the Note III includes two basic versions, one is powered by Exynos 5 Octa 5420 clocked at the quad-core 1.9GHz Cortex-A15 & 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 for GSM version, while the other is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset at quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 for LTE version. Regardless of different CPU, both versions contain 3GB RAM, and optional 32 or 64 GB internal storage, plus a 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing shooter, as well as a removable 3200mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available in several variants for different carriers, like the previous different Galaxy S4 model number, Galaxy S3 model number and Galaxy Note 2 model number. The differences between the versions are mainly attributed to the CPUs clocking measured by the GHz.

American Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model numbers for the primary carriers are listed below.

N9006 for International, N9005 for LTE, SM-N900A for AT&T, SM-N900V for Verizon, SM-N900P for Sprint, SM-N900R4 for U.S. Cellular, SM-N900T for T-Mobile.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model Number

If you want to download appropriate ROMs for Note 3 or buy proper replacement parts to repair the damaged Note 3 yourself, you need to know your Note 3 model name of carriers, for some components of different Galaxy Note 3 models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model.

What Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model do you have? Here are three ways to find out your Note 3 model number.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model Number in the System

Navigate to Setting>About, then the Note 3 Model Number will appear on the screen.

•  Galaxy Note 3 Battery Door Includes the Carrier Logo

Some carriers' logos are printed on the battery door making it easy for users to identify their Note 3 versions, such as this Verizon SM-N900V model for Verizon.



• Check behind the Note 3 Battery to Find the Model Number

If you can't find your Note 3 model number in your phones system, you can look behind the battery. Many manufacturers put the Note 3 model name in a label along with other information in this area.



 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rear Housing Indicates the Carriers

AT&T samsung galaxy note 3 model number

The carrier name of different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models can be found on the Note 3 rear panel, such as this AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A rear housing.

Note: If you need to replace the broken Galaxy Note 3 rear housing part, you should choose the right part according to the Galaxy Note 3 model number, for different Note 3 models' rear panel replacement parts for different carriers are not compatible.

Knowing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model number, you can download proper ROMs for the Note III devices. Also, when your phone experienced broken problems, you can buy the right Note III replacement parts according to the Note 3 model name.

  1. BY Yvette Moshos

    *WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. 😉 ?

  2. BY sajid alwadkar

    my samsung note3 n9005 imother board is not working.. i have sprint model mother board can i fix it in my n9005..

  3. BY Tanya

    I think this same question has been pretty much been asked a number of times, but no one has really answered it. What if your carrier model is SM-N900W8 (a Canadian phone by Bell Mobility) but the rear housing has an AT stamp and other parts say S900A? Which one of those model numbers do you go by if you want to replace an LCD/digitizer/screen assembly? If I bought one that was compatible with an SM-N900A, would it work?

  4. BY Alex

    So on Rear Panel it says N900A, behind Battery it says SM-N900W8 and system says n900w8…..very confused

    • BY Muneeb

      I hve same problm Alex rear panel says SM-n900p behind batry says SM-n9005 and system says SM-N9005

  5. BY michael boswell

    I have a new galaxy smartphone note3 and have been trying for the last 3 hours to set it up via Samsung kies and it will not recognise the model name (n9000) and 709v82_jbla828 any help would be appreciated.

    • BY May

      Hello Michael, N9000 is the model number, Galaxy Note 3 International version.

  6. BY lloyd

    Hi i need to get a digitizer for a galaxy note3 SM-N900 (international version). Do you have that?

  7. BY DionysRD

    Can I transplant N900t motherboard into N9005 Housing?

  8. BY Kevin

    does anyone know if you can buy replacement parts for the motherboard. the port next to the antenna fell off and i cant find it also i have a junk s3. and i think they look the same. not sure if they are compatable. and i have the t-moble note 3. thanks

  9. BY Rhea

    May i use n9005 battery for N9006 model?

    • BY May

      Hey Rhea, yes, you could.

  10. BY Ali Fahim

    Plz Some Help me M Confused Which is The Better Model N9005 Or N9000

    • BY May

      Hey Ali, the N9000 is 3G version and the N9005 is LTE version.

  11. BY joan

    Hi i need to replace motherboard of a T-Mobile note 3 SM-N900T can you tel me with one can fit it

  12. BY albert

    So is the N900W8 the same as the AT&T version since/if the sticker says N900W8 & the plastic stamp says AT on it?

    • BY May

      Hi Albert, the SM-N9008W is for Canada and Latin America version. If the rear housing has AT stamp, that is AT&T version.

  13. BY merlynpd

    I need to know the unlocked GSM Note III model to buy for use with Consumer Cellular. Thanks.

  14. BY cracked lcd

    need to replace brocken lcd and digitizer. are all model lcd and digitizer compatibles regardless of providers?

    • BY alina

      They are not compatible. Please get the right replacement part for your phone.


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