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Featuring an oversized 5.5 inches display, the Galaxy Note II has been noted as a phablet because of its combination of a smartphone as well as a tablet. The Note II debuted in August, 2012, carrying an advanced stylus called S Pen that attracts plenty of users. With a rounded rectangular design, the Galaxy Note II employs a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 720×1280 pixels at 267 ppi pixel density and is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. The Galaxy Note II is powered by Quad-core Exynos 4412 Quad clocked at 1.6GHz and features a back 8MP camera plus a 3100 mAh battery.

Galaxy Note 2 pictures When it comes to the variants of the Galaxy Note II, different carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and U.S. Cellular have released their own versions. If you are in US, a handful of Galaxy Note II devices are available for you. And there is a possibility you may not even know which version you are using.

GT-N7100 for International GT-N7105 for International with LTE SCH-I605 for Verizon SCH-R950 U.S. Cellular SGH-I317 for AT&T SGH-T889 for T-Mobile SPH-L900 for Sprint Nextel There are some differences between the carriers’ Galaxy Note II models and international versions. For example, the International version of the Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 has no 4G Network service but with optional inductive charging pins, while the Verizon SCH-I605 includes the 4G Network but without inductive charging pins. Some components of different Galaxy Note II models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model. It is necessary to know your exact Galaxy Note II model when you need to flash ROMs or fix a broken Galaxy Note II (Click to learn How to Teardown Galaxy Note II). Therefore, you need to identify which model you have. Here are four ways to find out.

1)    Check Your Galaxy Note II Model Number in the system Navigate to Setting> About device> Model Number, then the Model Number will appear.

2)    Check Battery Door You can identify the Galaxy Note II version through the battery door. Some carriers' logos are printed on it. Such as this Verizon SCH-I605 and T-Mobile SGH-T889 models. Galaxy-Note-II-battery-door

3)    Check Behind the Battery If you can’t find your phone model from the battery door, the next best way is to look behind the battery. Many manufacturers put the phone model along with other information in this area. Galaxy Note 2 behind the battery

4) Check Under the Housing Some carriers’ model numbers are marked on the front housing. Below you can see the slight variations in design between the two versions.


Use the following tables to know which Galaxy Note II model you have











International LTE


US Cellular



Sprint Nextel

2G/3G connectivity

GSM: 850 MHz/900 MHz/1,800 MHz/1,900 MHz UMTS: 850 MHz/900 MHz/1,900 MHz/2,100 MHz

GSM: quad-band; CDMA/EVDO: 850, 1900 UMTS: quad-band

CDMA/EVDO: 850, 1700, 1900

GSM: quad-band UMTS: 850, 1900, 2100

  GSM: quad-band UMTS/DC-HSPA+ : 850, AWS, 1900, 2100

GSM: quad-band CDMA/EVDO: 800, 850, 1900 UMTS: 1900



800 900 1,800 2,600


 700 850 AWS 1,900

700 850 AWS 1,900

700 AWS



Optional inductive charging pins

Inductive charging pins No FM radio 42.2 Mbit/s DC-HSPA+

No inductive charging pins

LTE AWS from 2013 Optional charging pins disabled

No optional charging pins

Table source: Wikipedia

  1. BY Junayet

    Not2 E250S display fit on N7100 mother bord?

  2. BY haseeb

    I cannot update my galaxy note gt n7105 software.when I try it says that that registration failed

    • BY kaye

      Hi Haseeb, have rooted your phone before? If you did it, it may be the reason, you should uninstall the root APP.
      If you haven’t rooted it, it may be a network issue, try again after a moment or connect to a stable wireless network/mobile data network.
      Best Regards

  3. BY Esubalew

    I can light my Samsung GT-N7100 but it stops at manufacturer’s logo. I learnt from websites I can unbrick it and reboot it? The different websites show steps which I tried but I could not reboot it normally. I feel I am not able to select the right stock ROM or many of the websites miss a step or steps. Put the mobile to download mode is not a problem so far. Details of my mobile are: –
    Model GT-N7100
    FCC ID A3LGTN7100
    SSN N7100GSMH
    Made in Vietnam
    Can you assist me to reboot it, please? I do appreciate very much if you can let me have the right ODIN and stock ROM for the mobile.
    Thank you in advance

    • BY kaye

      Hi Esubalew, you can hard reset the device, thy this ways below:
      1.Turn your phone off.
      2.With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key. You’ll see the Android recovery screen.
      3.Scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Volume Up or Down keys. Select with the power key.
      4.Scroll down to Yes, Delete User Data and select it.
      5.Back on the first screen, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and select it.
      6.Your factory reset is now complete.
      7.Go to Reboot System Now to restart the phone.

      May this can help you!

  4. BY Rahul yadav

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are not supported jio sim or other 4g sim

    • BY kaye

      Hi Rahul, the Galaxy Note 2 N7100 4G SUPPORT LTE band 3(1800), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800) – N7105. Galaxy Note 2 CDMA SUPPORT LTE band 13(700) – SCH-I605, LTE band 25(1900) – SPH-L900, LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 12(700) – SCH-R950. The Jio 4G bands are TD-LTE(2300MHz) and FD-LTE(1800MHz) frequency. Which model does your phone is and make sure your 4G Service providers support the same band with your phone? May this can help you, thank you.

  5. BY Daryl

    the motherboard on my 16GB Note 2 SGH-i317 died 2 weeks ago, I was just going to trash it but I found out I can install the latest android os via rom on it and now I want to replace the motherboard.
    But can I replace the old dead 16GB mother with a 64 GB motherboard?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Daryl, I suggest you send it to a repair shop ask for help. It has a risk to damage it if you replace it yourself.

  6. BY paula

    i have an samsung note 2 n7105 with fully working motherboard note and cracked broken screen..its any other model screen with middle frame i could buy to fit my older motherboard ? ( as the n7105 lcd are too expensive )
    also do i have to replace any other parts the usb port charger flex..etc

    please confirm me the compatibility if any other model will work and fit any if anyone know which other componets i have to change also to make it work again pls

    many thanx

    • BY kaye

      Hi, you mean your screen broken and other parts are just fine? and you need the other model of screen with frame replacement for your note 2 n7105?

  7. BY eng

    Hello I have samsung note2 N7100 International model with lcd display and digitizer is broken I want to know is there any compatible lcd which i can use as my note 2 lcd screen

  8. BY James

    Hi, I’m wondering if the screens for the Note 2 model # i317 and model # L900 are compatible? Thanks so much!

  9. BY Guillermo

    Hello, I have a N7105 note II, the LCD is broken, does the N7100 LCD-digitalizer-frame fits on the motherboard of the N7105?

    • BY May

      Hello Guillermo, the N7100 LCD+Digitizer+Frame does NOT fit on the N7105. But the N7105 LCD+Digitizer+Frame is compatible with the SGH-T889 and SGH-I317. Hope it helps 🙂

  10. BY JAMES

    my samsung note 2 screen is broken, model number GT-N7100 , what is the cost of the screen and how to send the money am in africa ,sierra leone. SN:N7100GSMH

  11. BY JAMES

    my samsung note 2 screen is broken, model number GT-N7100 and serial number N&!))GSMH what is the cost of the screen and how to send the money am in africa sierra leone.

  12. BY zorina

    i will know if the screen from note 2 model n7105 can fit note 2 model GT-N 7100

    • BY May

      Hi Zorina, if it’s the LCD+Digitizer, it fits for N7100; However, the N7105 LCD+Digitizer+Frame will not fit for N7100.

  13. BY Yel

    I’m looking for a mother board for my (GT-N7105) where can i buy?

  14. BY marko

    Hi, i have note 2 n7100 and need to change motherboard. Can i buy motherboard for some other model of note 2 (they are way cheapier then for mine), and will it works on n7100 or not? Thanks

  15. BY diana

    Im sorry im a dodo so have patience with me please. My phone is t-mobile note 2 t889 but is that all i need to know or do i also have to know if it is N7100 or N7105? Sorry im confused

    • BY May

      Hi Diana, it’s no need to know your phone is N7100 or N7105.

  16. BY stevo

    could I take the circuit board out of a N7105 with broken screen. an swap it for the N7100 board I have in my other phone. I need to keep my 4g

  17. BY john

    I recently broke my screen and I have a sprint model L900. I received a screen(with the mounting back) for the SCH-i605 Verizon model. It fits perfect, except that it had a Verizon button.

  18. BY Dwayne

    also… while mine is the verizon sch-i605 model… i am certain that it DOES have the inductive charging pins so what’s up with that?

  19. BY Dwayne

    so i cracked the screen and lcd on my verizon note II. i have already disassembled it per the video on this site. i am going to replace it but rather than the black or white that is offered for my brand (sch-i605) i would rather rebuild it in pink (gt-n7100). i am willing to use all gt-n7100 parts (housing, battery cover, etc…) just so long as the motherboard, vibe, speaker, earphone jack, cameras, etc. will fit in them and work… if i have to i will order the pink face, glass, and l.c.d. seperately since it seems to me that the pink is merely a cosmetic difference and should not effect performance… ideas? suggestions?

  20. BY emil

    i want to know if a SPH-L900 screen will fit on a i317 note 2? please help thanks.

    • BY chris

      Hi I have galaxy note 2 and the model is SGH-I317 and I broke my screen. I ordered new screen with frame but is for samsung i650. Is that any problem to fit

  21. BY ray

    i will know if the screen from note 2 model i605 can fit note 2 model GT-N 7100

    • BY alina

      Hi Ray,
      They are not compatible. So the screen from i605 will not fit GT-N7100.


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