Apple Planning to Make Larger-Screen Phones and Cheaper Phones Next Year


Are you an Apple fan? If yes, have you ever complained about the small-sized screen on the iPhone? Now it is possible that Apple will be taking larger screens into consideration, as it is reported that Apple is planning to produce different 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models with a bigger selection of colors. Could this be Apple’s new strategy? Does Tim Cook want to win back the market by making wider range of handsets just like Samsung, who has been successful in fighting against Apple with so-called phablets and a wide range of inexpensive phones? If so, people may once again complain that Apple is following the trend and is lacking creativity just like the recently announced iOS 7 that has already been said to be a copy of Android and Windows. Apple CEO Tim Cook did not deny it when asked whether Apple will be interested in larger-screen phones, but the manufacturer said that it is still not clear whether the company will proceed with these plans.


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