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8 common problems with the HTC One M8, and how to fix them


It’s no secret that we’re fans of the HTC One M8. It’s a gorgeous looking handset and offers unique features and qualities that make it stand out. But no matter how much we like it, it’s not a perfect device. Like all smartphones, it has its share of problems. We’ve found some of the most [...]

10 HTC One M8 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

HTC One M8 Tips and Tricks

As a successor to HTC One M7, the One M8 maintains the similar design. As for the features, the HTC One M8 is equipped with a 5-inch 1080p display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a refreshed version of HTC’s Sense software. Have you make full use of this flagship phone, now here in [...]

How to Reassemble HTC One M8 for Parts Replacement


It is annoying to suffer from a broken HTC One M8 screen. We have walked you through our step-by-step HTC One M8 screen repair guide. From this tutorial, you can also learn how to fix damaged HTC One M8 battery, broken M8 camera and cracked housing, etc. After you tear down the HTC One M8 [...]

How to Repair a Broken HTC One M8 Screen


Although HTC One M8 is said to be a well-built smartphone, the HTC’s latest sprout, its owners still suffer from component breaks, such as cracked M8 screen, broken battery, malfunctioning camera and other parts etc. When you broke the HTC One M8 screen, you can carry out HTC One screen repair yourself to save money. [...]

How to Fix Slow Problem on Android Phone

Android transition animation

Do your Android smartphones have slow problems? Do you lose patience when you have to wait more seconds to open apps on your phone? Do you have the moments when you feel frustrated when you take much time to download websites or videos on your old Android phones? Apple has recently gained more reputation after [...]

How to Block Phone Number in iOS and Android Phones

How to Block Phone Number in iOS and Android Phones

Are you always bothered by some harassing calls or unwanted calls? Do you want to get rid of them?  If so, you can learn how to block phone number in iOS and Android phones here.   How to Block Calls in Android Phones   If you’re an Android user, it will be a little complicated [...]

How to Replace a Cracked HTC One X Screen

HTC One X screen replacement repair guide

Cracked the screen on your HTC One X? Don’t worry. This HTC One X screen replacement repair guide could help you. Please note the DIY repair might save money but it will void your device’s warranty. ETrade Supply is always your prime choice to get the HTC One X replacement parts. Tools and parts needed [...]

How to Fix the Cracked Screen on HTC One

How to Fix the Broken HTC One Screen

If you have the cracked screen on HTC One and you don’t want to send it back to Samsung’s flagship store, you can try to DIY fix it yourself if you can deal with the challenge. Whether you have broken the HTC One’s touch screen digitizer or LCD display isn’t functioning normally, changing the whole [...]

How to Solve the Common HTC Butterfly Problems

How to Solve the Common HTC Butterfly Problems

The Butterfly S is the first HTC smartphone to release with Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean. It features a 3,200mAh battery, a half day of uptime, a powerful processor and a brilliant screen. Despite its high-end specs however, some common problems still happen on this device. Take a look at the following issues and solutions for [...]

Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Your HTC One

Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Your HTC One

HTC One has been well received since it was released, although it has several issues as mentioned before. After you get this device, do you know how to make the most use of it? If not, here are the helpful top 8 tips and tricks for the HTC One, which could help you use this [...]

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