How To Disassemble/Tear Down HTC One M9

HTC One M9 was released in March of 2015. As the successor to HTC One M8, they both look so much alike at first sight. What about innards? Let’s take apart the device and see.


Tools Needed:


Step 1: Power off the HTC One M9, then take out the SIM card tray and SD card tray with an ejector pin or tweezers.




Step 2: Pry up the top rail, undo the 2 screws with a T5 Torx screwdriver.




Step 3: Pry up to separate the LCD assembly and frame from the rear housing.




Step 4: Undo the screws, pry up the adhesive shield, then pry up the connectors to release the motherboard.





Step 5: Remove the bottom loudspeaker assembly.



Step 6: Remove the charging port assembly and the two signal cables.




Step 7: Release the main board flex.



Step 8:  Undo the screws and then pry up the connector to release the daughter board.




Step 9: Release the rear facing camera, front facing camera and upper loudspeaker assembly.





Step 10: Pry up the side key flex ribbon and then the battery carefully.




Step 11: Release the SD card reader contact flex and SIM card reader contact flex.




Step 12: Heat up the screen to soften the adhesive. Then insert a case opening tool to separate the LCD assembly from front frame.
(Notice: keep the heat source moving, don’t heat any one side for to long, and heat for no longer than 1 minute.)




You’ve now successfully disassembled the HTC One M9.



Check it below for the HTC One M9 disassembly video




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