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  • For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925A Rear Housing Replacement - Sapphire - Grade S+

    Complete original parts. Read more>>
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  • Compatible With: SM-G925A
  • SKU:ESSAM1504247638-153
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  • Compatible With: SM-G925A
  • For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925A Rear Housing Replacement - Sapphire - Grade S+

    This item includes the following parts:
    1. Rear Housing;
    2. Side Keys;
    3. Camera Lens and Bezel;
    4. Camera Flash Lens;
    5. Power Button Flex Cable Ribbon;
    6. Volume Button Flex Cable Ribbon;
    7. Wireless Charger Chip;
    8. Loud Speaker Module.

    Color: Sapphire
    Material: Polycarbonate(PC)
    Compatibility: For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Only

    This item is consist of rear housing, side keys, camera lens and bezel, camera flash lens, power button flex ribbon, wireless charger chip and loud speaker module.
    The Rear Housing is available in 3 colors: Sapphire, Gold, White.

    How to Install / Tips:
    Please choose the right version before placing an order.
    Special tooling is required when disassembling and reassembling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Rear Housings. .
    The installation of any new parts should be done by a qualified person. ETS is not responsible for any damage caused during installation.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown Tutorial Guide and Video:

    1. Remove the battery door.
    1.1. Heat up the Galaxy S6 Edge's back cover. (Notice: the adhesive on the battery door is extremely strong. Be Very Careful! Apply heat for no longer than 1 min.)
    1.2. Insert poker cards into the edge to remove the adhesive and widen the gap. (You will also need a case opening tool.)
    2. Remove the rear housing.
    2.1. Take the SIM card tray out.
    2.2. Undo the 13 screws in the rear housing.
    2.3. Separate the rear housing from the LCD Assembly with the help of a suction cup tool and a case opening tool.
    2.4. Remove the 3 case button flex ribbon cables. (Notice: the case buttons are all interchangeable.)
    2.5. Peel off the wireless charging coil. (Notice: the wireless charging coil is not compatible with S6.)
    3. Remove the motherboard.
    3.1 Remove the front facing camera.
    3.2. Pry up the 2 antennas from the main board.
    3.3. Disconnect the Galaxy S6 LCD screen and digitizer, battery, ear speaker, and home button flex cable connectors. Turn over the motherboard and disconnect the charging port flex cable connector.
    3.4 Remove the ear speaker assembly. (Notice: The ear speaker flex cable includes the ear speaker and proximity sensor, and it is folded in a special way. Pay attention to it for reassembly.)
    3.5 Remove the mic from the top of the logic board. (Notice: The Galaxy S6's mic is non-removable while the Galaxy S6 edge's mic is not.)
    3.6 Remove the rear facing camera.
    4. Remove the charging port assembly.
    4.1. Undo the 2 screws near the earphone jack by the charging port. These screws are smaller than those in the rear housing. Then gently pry up the charging port assembly. (Notice: These 2 screws are smaller than others. Don't mix up them up during reassembly.)
    5. Remove the battery.
    5.1. Gently pry up the battery with a spudger tool. (Notice: Adhesive is applied to the front housing down the two sides of the battery's length. You need to insert the spudger or other tool through the adhesive gently.)
    5.2. Notice: We recommend using a plastic spudger to prevent damage to the device.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Disassembly Video:

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