What You Need to Know Before Buying a Qualified Power Bank

Battery life is always not long enough for us when we are in use of our cellphone to play games, watch videos, email somebody, text or call someone etc, running out of battery always makes us crazy when we still needs our phone back to life. Thus we need a qualified power bank to prolong our battery life. So do you know exactly how to choose a suitable and reliable power bank (or battery pack)? We’d like to share you some tips on how to choose the right power bank for your mobile.

Pay attention to battery cell quality

There are 2 common type of battery cell, the 18650 and the Li-Polymer. 18650 battery cell is heavier than Li-Polymer and cheaper in price, while the Li-Polymer battery cell is lighter and safer, more expensive. So when choose a safer battery bank we recommend ones which features the Li-Polymer battery cell. Also, make sure the battery cell in the Power Bank is genuine and not refurbish!

Know these specifications on battery power bank

Before buying the power bank, you’d better understand all the specifications, bigger capacity means you can charge your mobile/tablet more, the output, measured in amperes (amps or A) is referring to how quickly the battery power bank can recharge your device. The input means the voltage that adapter providing to your power bank when charging it. Another important factor is the Power Bank Efficiency, good quality power banks have around 80 to 90% efficiency. battery power bank specifications

Choose which features these functions

When comes to battery, we had to say, there’s always chances that exists potential safety risk, so when pick up a power bank, remember these functions should be needed: General products always feature these functions: Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and high quality power banks also possess over-discharge protection, high temperature protection which designed for protecting the power bank itself. function

Choose one USB Port or Two?

If you have owned more than one device, you’d better choose 2 ports, normally there will be one port for 1A and the other for 1.5A or 2A, which can charge your mobile or tablet a both. But, you’d better not charge them at the same time, cause the charging efficiency will be effected much. Also make sure it’s compatible with your device. USB PORT

Check the certifications

When buying the new power bank, another important thing is to check the certifications on the packaging, which can show you if this product have passed the necessary industry standard regulations, to comply with and achieve the following certifications. certification

Power Bank Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay off. So when compare battery packs, pay attention to the price, do not believe that cheapest price can bring your high quality products, cause there’s always damage risk.

Tips on how to use a power bank properly

Do not over-charge/over discharge

Many people like to charge the power bank at night, and leave it there till the next morning, it’s not safe to do this. And also, it’s not good for power bank to run out of it’s power totally.

Use original charging cable

If you use unqualified charging cable, the charging efficiency will be effected much, so you’d better use your original charging cable when charging with battery power bank.

Do not charge your phone till it’s 0% battery power

If you run out of your mobile battery, then when you charge it with power bank, it will be recharge your mobile at a max charging current. Therefore, more heat will be generated, and more power consumption, thus the power bank efficiency will be effected much.

Providing your power bank a friendly environment

Remember do not drop, beat or shake your power bank violently. Do not exposed your power bank to sun, water, or other flammable liquid or explosive goods. When not use your power bank for a long time, you’d better keep it in at least 70% battery. So do you have a clear idea on how to choose a qualified and safe power bank for your mobile now? if you have any thoughts, welcome to share with us!
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