What can I do to avoid iPhone X screen burn-in?

iPhone X is the first iPhone use OLED screen, compared to LCD screen, the OLED screen has no backlight, it emits light through each pixel, allowing for a thinner display which makes the image display more vivid. However, the OLED display has a fatal flaw, the OLED screen will burn in over time. But don’t too worry about it, we can do something to delay it comes to your iPhone X. Here we will talk several ways to avoid iPhone X screen burn-in.

What is burn-in?

Burn-in is used to descript a screen which is permanent discoloration at any parts. Look at your phone OLED display off-angle, you may notice slight shifts in color and hue. The burn-in display still works as normal, but there’s a noticeable ghost image or discoloration that persists when the screen is on. If these ghost image or discoloration are permanent, the display is burn-in.

The burn-in issue on the OLED screen is inevitable, but we can do something to delay it appear.

What can we do to delay burn-in appear?

Tip 1. Update the device system

The iPhone X OLED screen is a special super retina display, with iOS 11, the iPhone X can minimize the effects of long-term use and extend the viewing life of the display. When you get a prompt of a new system, update it at the first time. If you don’t get the prompt, you can update it in Settings > General > Software Update.

Tip 2. Avoid displaying static images for a long time

Long time to display a static image on OLED screen is the main reason of causing display burn-in, we should switch the screen image frequently. If we are using an App that makes us have to keep on the display, we can reduce the display brightness in the control center. Swipe down from the upright corner to get into the control center, we can see a sun icon and control the screen brightness.

Tip 3. Set Auto-Brightness mode

In the Auto-brightness mode, the phone can adjust the brightness of the display based on the ambient light automatically to protect the screen. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations to active the Auto-brightness mode.

Tip 4. Short the Auto-lock time

When we don’t use the phone and put it down, the phone display is still on and will lock after a waiting time. We should choose a shorter time than the recommended time. The best time is the 30s, we can set it through Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Lock.

What to do if the display is burn-in?

Unfortunately, if your phone has ghost image on the display, you can try these ways to fix it.

Turn off the device

Look this guide to turn off iPhone X. After waiting about 15 minutes, boot up the device. If the ghost image disappears, the display issue is fixed. If the ghost image still exists, the display is burn-in and take your phone to the Apple Store to ask for a help.

Replace a new OLED screen

A new screen can help your phone away from the ghost image. If your phone is out of warranty time, compare the price of replacing an iPhone X screen in the Apple Store and third-party repair shop then choose a reasonable one. Of course, if you have any experience of repairing other iPhone, you can DIY. We Etrade Supply offer OEM iPhone X display and repair tools online. Visit this guide to replace iPhone X screen.

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