Tips & tricks for New3D touch on your iPhone 6S with iOS 10

As we can see 3D Touch has been implemented in more places and is becoming more and more important since Apple has greatly expanded 3D Touch function in newly released iOS10, here we’re going to share some practical tips & tricks for new 3D Touch with iOS 10 with you all.

Turn on/off Cellular Date Easier

As we know that turn on/off the cellular data can be much inconvenient in an iPhone, luckily with iOS 10 upgraded, there is an easy way to get to cellular data, deeply press the Setting App icon, then you can turn on/off Bluetooth, WLAN, cellular data and change battery mode directly. iOS10 3D touch   3d touch with cellular data

New Options for Control Center Gadgets

Press with force against these 4 icons on an iPhone 7/7 Plus or the iPhone 6s series, and you'll discover new 3D Touch options for even greater control. With the flashlight, you can choose brightness intensity levels of low, medium and high. For the timer shortcut, a 3D Touch press brings up four quick options: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes, or 1 minute. The camera shortcut in Control Center can be pressed firmly to bring up options to take a traditional photo, record in slow motion, record a video, or take a selfie. And for the calculator which can present users with the ability to copy the last result from the application. 4 plungins settings   ios10 control center

Press to Clear All Notifications

Before iOS 10, when received many notifications, you need to delete them all one by one. Luckily, we now have iOS 10, with 3D touch’s help, all we need to do is press the delete icon deeply and then you can clear all notifications. CLEAR ALL NOTIFICATIONS

Download your favorite App with priority

We know that when we download Apps in iOS 9, we need to stop other Apps manually to give way to what we want to be downloading first, now with iOS 10, you can now 3D Touch the icon to make it download first, or you can pause the download or cancel it. IOS 10 DOWNLOAD PRIORITY

Quick Message Reply

With iOS 9, we can rapidly reply messages in the state of lock screen while iOS 10 can’t, but, there is the 3D touch, press with force against the text message, you can also reply quickly. QUICK REPLY MASSAGE So what else tricks for 3D touch in iOS 10 have you found, please share with us by leaving a comment below!
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