Is 3D Touch That Different From Force Touch?

Just hours ago, Apple released its 2015 masterpieces in different product lines like the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro as well as the revamped Apple TV and Apple Watch. As it’s known around the globe now, the iPhone 6S has a new color choice of Rose Gold and features 3D Touch enabling you to experience the advanced technology in a new way. However, there’s a rumor abroad saying the new generation of iPhones would sport Force Touch that was already adopted in the Apple Watch and 2015 Apple MacBook. Is it just a name change or are they totally different? Check it out.


First of all, what it is Force Touch? Well, we’re all familiar that multi-touch allows gestures like Tap, Swipe, and Pinch on a touchscreen. Force Touch is a new technology based on a Taptic engine developed by Apple, which makes it possible to perform a variety of different actions according to the pressure you apply. Force Touch has changed the traditional ways of how we use a capacitive touchscreen.



As for 3D Touch, the most significant features are Peek and Pop, which bring a new dimension of functionality to the iPhone experience by allowing you to preview all kinds of content and even act on it without having to actually open it.


Both Force Touch and 3D Touch are based on the same technologies and use Apple’s Taptic Engine. They both allow people to realize different instructions by applying different amounts of pressure to the screen. However, Force Touch has less capabilities to measure your touches and presses and doesn’t react as quickly to your input, whereas the new 3D Touch is highly sensitive and reacts immediately, while also allowing different “levels” of actions based on how firmly you press.

Simply speaking, 3D Touch it’s different from Force Touch, it’s an enhanced version of Force Touch.


(All pictures are from Apple)


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