Will 3D Touch Still Work On A Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

The new iPhone 6S comes with a new screen technology named 3D Touch, allowing the device to support new gesture inputs that are based on pressure and touch. Now many users are wondering if the iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus still work if the device has a screen guard or even a tempered glass screen protector applied to it.


Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller clarified the doubt in his reply to an email asking if screen guards will affect the use of 3D Touch.



According to Apple’s design guidelines, 3D Touch will work as expected if the screen overlay you’re applying is less than 0.3mm in thickness, and there should not be any air gaps between the protective film and touchscreen.


There are many screen guards available on eBay, Amazon or other online stores, be careful not to buy cheap ones that may not meet the standards required. The Apple store provides screen protectors for the iPhone 6S at the price of $34.95. ETrade Supply can also supply tempered glass screen protector at a cheaper price but with standard quality.


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