Galaxy Note 7 Teardown for screen, battery, charging port replacement

Since the most attracting new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 has been released not long ago, many Samsung fans are eager to see how difficult it is to replace the battery, curved screen or charging port, here we’re going to give it shot -- disassembling the whole Note 7 to see what’s the differences when compared to the Galaxy Note 5 in repair procedure.

Repair Tools Needed:

Step 1 Remove back glass cover

Power off the phone and take out the S pen first. 1.power off note 7 2.take out note 7 s pen Then remove the SIM card tray. 3.take out sim card tray Heat up the back glass cover for a while like always. 4.heat up note 7 back cover Then insert the metal opening tool to pry up the back glass cover. 5.pry up note 7 back glass Use a sharp paper card or guitar pick to cut the waterproof back cover adhesive stickers. (You may need to heat up the back cover several times when cutting the adhesives, just take your time) 6.cut back glass adhesive sticker After loosen all the adhesive stickers around the edges, you can remove the back cover now. 7.remove back glass cover

Step 2 Remove battery

Undo 11 screws on the plastic back frame by Phillips screwdriver. 8.undo screws Then the loudspeaker module comes out easily. 9.remove loudspeaker module Next move, take the wireless charging & NFC pad away. 10.remove wireless charging&NFC Pad Then release the battery connector and the S pen connector. 11 remove battery and s pen connector Now the battery can be taken out, use a metal opening tool to pry it up, be careful not to hurt the battery, the tough adhesive is underneath. 12.pry up battery 13.remove battery

Step 3 Remove small parts

After remove battery, then we can release all the connectors here, the screen ribbon connector, camera connector, earpiece connector, sensor connector, another screen ribbon connector and power flex ribbon connector. 14.undo all the connectors After that you need to undo 2 screws before removing the motherboard. 15.undo 2 screws By the way, remove the front facing camera and iris scanner. 15.1 remove front and rear camera Moving down, there are 3 new connectors, 2 signal cable connectors and the home button cable connector. 15.loosen connectors Lift up the motherboard, don’t be so urgent to tear apart the motherboard cause there is still a connector to the charging port on the bottom. 16.lift up motherboard 17.loosen connector 18.mother board Next step you can remove the rear facing camera from the motherboard now. 19.remove rear camera Back to the middle frame assembly, we can start with the front array, which comes with an infrared LED helping with the iris scanner in low light situation. 19.1 front array Then undo 3 screws to remove the headphone jack cable and charging port flex cable. 20.remove 3 screws Release the headphone jack flex cable connector and remove it. 21 loosen headphone jack connector 22.remove headphone jack Next we’re going to take out the type-C charging port flex cable. Pry it out from that gap and then lift the signal cable which connected to the charging port flex. 23.pry out charging port flex 24. pry up signal cable Now remove the USB type-C charging port, which is another new try for Samsung. 25.remove charging port

Step 4 Remove AMOLED screen assembly

Heat up the screen for a while. 26. heat up screen Then use a sharp card to insert into the gap between the screen and the middle frame from the inside. 27.insert card to screen gap Use another card to insert to the little gap to loosen the supporting frame adhesives. 28.separate screen and frame 29. loosen screen adhesives Have to say that this is a real hard job to loosen all the screen adhesives around the whole edges, there is a big risk damaging the screen, you need to be very careful. Note: when cutting the screen adhesives, be careful not insert the card too deep in case you broken the screen flex cable ribbon. not ruin the screen cable If you feel harder releasing the adhesives, try to apply more heat to the screen. 31.separate screen Also there you need to be careful with the touch key pad when removing the screen off the middle frame. careful with touch button flex Now we can remove the home button flex cable. 33.remove home button flex One more thing, the Galaxy Note 7 home button material is still made from metal and paint coating covered, there is the risk of getting scratched easily. Be aware of protecting your home button well. 34.remove home button flex cable
Removing the home button flex cable, then the whole teardown work has been completed by now.
From this disassembly work we can see that the Galaxy Note 7 is easier to be fixed in some way compared to the predecessor Note 5, the USB type-C charging port flex can be replaced without disassembling the screen, the battery can be taken out without removing the motherboard. However replacing the screen is still difficult because of the curved display. Better providing some protections to your beloved Galaxy Note 7!
(Picture source from Jerryrigeverything)
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    Do you sell this screen yet? If not when will it be available?

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      Hi,Brandon, sorry that note 7 screen is not available in our website yet, we’ll keep you informed if it’s in stock as soon as possible.


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