OPPO Find X Teardown – The Secret of Hidden Cameras

OPPO launched the 2018 flagship smartphone Find X on June 29, 2018. It has a 6.42-inch, 19:5.9 OLED screen, the screen ratio is up to 93.8%. The OPPO Find X performance is very strong, the processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, supports 8G RAM/128G ROM. The new technologies of OPPO Find X are Facekey 3D structure, SuperVOOC technology and 3D Hidden Cameras.


What is Facekey 3D Structure

The OPPO Find X uses Facekey 3D structure light technology to create a 3D depth map with millimeter precision by projecting 15,000 spots to the face and quickly compare it with the owner information for a contact-free and safer unlock.


SuperVOOC Technology

The SuperVOOC only supports on the Find X super charge and Lamborghini versions. The SuperVOOC maximum charging power is nearly 50W, it just means that you can charge a 3400mAh battery in 35 minutes.


3D Hidden Cameras

The OPPO Find X has 3 cameras, the front camera is 25M and the dual-rear cameras are 20M+16M. The OPPO Find X adopts the dual-track periscope structure, which hides the cameras inside the phone. When you need to take a photo or unlock it, the camera will pop out in seconds and automatically return to its position after the operation is completed. Does it sound magical? What is the dual-track periscope structure? Now let's take apart the OPPO Find X and see what's inside it.


How to teardown OPPO Find X?


Tools Needed:

  1. 1. Take out the SIM Card with an eject tool.take out the SIM Card

The SIM Card


  1. 2. Remove the Back-housing

Heating the phone back cover with a hot air gun temperature set at 104℃ for 5 minutes. Gap the back housing with Sucker Cup Separator and inset a Case open tool inside the gap to separate the back cover.

heat the phone back cover


Gap the back housing

There are many glues in the dual-track periscope structure, try to separate the back-housing with the Woody Spudger Opening Tool.

Open the back cover


Back cover is opened


  1. 3. Here is how the dual-track periscope structure works.

    the appearance of dual-track

The red circled areas are the coaxial cable, the yellow circled area is the motor and the green circled areas are motor cables.


  1. 4. Remove the retaining cover

    Undo screws with a screwdriver and remove the cover with a tweezers.

take out the retaining cover

Look how the dual-track periscope structure works again.

watch how it works again

  1. 5. Remove the Battery

Release the battery connector with a case opening tool and remove the battery. The battery is 3730 mAh.

Release the battery connector


remove the battery


  1. 6. Remove the second retaining cover. 

Undo screws on the second retaining cover with a screwdriver.

Remove screws on the second retaining cover

Take out the small parts.


remove a small part


remove small part 2

Take out the flex cable.


take out the cables


remove small part 3

Remove the second retaining cover with a tweezers.

take out the second cover

The second retaining cover is taken out.

the second cover is taken out

  1. 7. Remove the motherboard and the dual-track periscope structure.

    Release connectors on the motherboard and remove screws on the dual-track periscope structure.

    release dual-track cable

release connectors on the motherboard


release the screen-motherboard cable

Remove screws on the dual-track model.


undo screws on the dual-track

The motherboard and the dual-track periscope structure are successfully taken out.

motherboard and the dual-track periscope structure

  1. 8. Remove the metal dual-track and motor.

Take out the metal dual-track with a tweezers.

remove dual-track


the track is removed

Here is the motor.

the motor

  1. 9. Remove the dual-track periscope structure from the motherboard with a case opening tool.release motherboard cable

the dual track camera

  1. 10. Disassemble the dual-track periscope structure. 

Remove screws on this part with a screwdriver.



undo screws on the dual-track model

Open the glass cover with a tweezers.

open the glass cover

Remove 3 screws then we can remove the third retaining cover.

undo 3 screws on the cover


remove the third retaining cover

  1. 11. Watch parts on the dual-track periscope structure.

parts insdie dual-track periscope structure

  1. 12. Remove the dual rear camera.

releas dual rear camera connector


remove the dual camera

  1. 13. Remove the top model.undo screws on the top model

remove the top model


watch the top model and parts here

  1. 14. See what on the motherboard.the parts on the motherboard

  2. 15. Remove the Loud Speaker.

Remove screws on the Loud Speaker with a screwdriver then remove it.

undo screws on the loud speaker


remove the loud speaker

Here is the OPPO Find X loud speaker.

here is the loud speaker

  1. 16. Remove the motor on the Loud Speakertake out the motor

  2. 17. Remove the daughter board.

Release all connectors on the daughter board.

disconnect the motherboard and screen cable

release connectors on the daughter board

Undo screws on the daughter board.


undo screws on the daughter board

The daughter board is very easy to take out with a tweezers.

take out the daughter board

Here are the front and back of the board.

here is the daughter board 1


here is the daughter board 2

  1. 18. Remove the Charging Port.



remove the charging port


  1. 19. Now the OPPO Find X tear down work is completed.

    I think OPPO Find X is the most complicated phone from now on. The internal components and structure are very complex. There are 41 pieces screws in total, include 4 kinds of screws.

    here is all parts of the oppo find xAny questions about the OPPO Find X teardown? Welcome to comment below.

You can also watch this DF Test OPPO Find X Tear Down Video

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