How to Teardown iPhone 7 Plus to Replace Screen, Battery Replacement

Since the iPhone 7 /7 plus released on 16th September, which attracted wide attention of so many people, we can’t wait to figure out what’s the new iPhone different from the predecessor, so without further ado, let’s tear it apart to see what’s new that Apple added to this iPhone 7 Plus.

Repair tools needed:

1 Power off the phone and take out SIM card tray.

2 Unscrew 2 Pentalobe screws at the bottom as always needed when disassemble an iPhone. This time one thing missed, the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

3 Separate the screen assembly from the middle plate Before tear the screen apart, you can apply some heat to the screen by heat gun or hair dryer. Then use the suction cup to lift up the screen.

After a small gap has been generated, then insert a guitar pick and slide along the screen edges to loosen the adhesives. The adhesive stripe sealing the 7 Plus is stronger than its predecessor, guess it’s because of the IP67 waterproofness.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus opens to the side, not like those previous models opens to the top.

Here we found there are 4 tri-point screws securing the battery connector and display cable flex. Remove them all. We will need new Tri-point screwdriver here.

With screws and metal bracket off, then we’re able to release battery and screen flex cable now.

And another tri-point screw set is securing the top metal bracket which covers the screen cables.

Remove metal bracket, disconnect display flex cable connector here.

Now screen assembly can be removed.

4 Remove small inside components

As to the rear housing assembly, moving to the bottom side, we don’t need to remove headphone jack now, instead of a component that seems to channel sound from outside the phone into the microphone.

Now remove the Taptic Engine, since the new iPhone 7 Plus adopted an solid-state home button, so when you use home button you can feel the vibration feedback from the Taptic Engine.

5 Remove battery

Now we can remove battery, pull off the battery tape underneath and battery which features 2910 mAh can be taken out easily.

6 Next we’re going to remove the dual-camera. Undo 2 screws first, then remove the metal bracket.

Then disconnect these 2 camera connectors and the dual-camera related together can be removed.

Still there are some small stuffs waiting to be removed before taking logic board out, the antenna assembly flex cable portion.

7 Now remove logic board.

Undo all screws securing the logic board.

With all screws off, logic board is easy to plucked out.

8 Next step we can remove loudspeaker module, also need to undo screws on it.

9 After removing loudspeaker, we can remove the lightning charging cable assembly now, remove little microphone here then you’ll find it glued to the rear housing, so does the huge lightning flex cable assembly.

10 With lightning flex cable moved out, we turn our attention back to the screen assembly. After removing Phillips screws, the earpiece speaker and front camera flex cable is coming out.

Front camera, microphone, stereo-enabling speaker and Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor are below.

11  Moving to bottom side of screen assembly, first we’re going to take home button out, undo 3 tri-point screws, 2 Phillips screws and remove metal bracket.

Then remove LCD shield.

Home button flex cable is coming out.

So this is the whole iPhone 7 Plus teardown process.

Watch the iPhone 7 Plus Repair Guide Here:

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