Iris scanning or fingerprint scanning, which one do you prefer?

The Galaxy Note 7 has become the most controversial cellphone since when it released, which impressed Samsung fans with its lots of highlights except for the battery explosion problem, still there are some great features which deserves a like. Today we’re going to talk about the special one--- Iris scanner, which is also rumored to be used in the unborn iPhone 8. So what exactly makes Iris recognition so popular to people, and what is the advantages when compared it to fingerprint scanning? iris-scanner

What’s iris?

Iris is in the middle part of our eyes, which is located in the front of the vascular membrane, ahead of the ciliary body. Iris can adjust the size of our pupil automatically and decide how much light can received by our eyes. The iris of our human eyes is unique, like fingerprint.

How does iris scanner work?

When we recording our iris information into the phone, the iris measurement technology can convert the appearance of our iris feature into password code to reserve in the phone. When we’re trying to unlock the Note 7 with iris scanner, the infared LEDs and the iris camera are activated at the same time to capture our eye image and then differentiate between iris and eyelid and extract the iris image signal. After that, the next step is to transform the identified iris image into code, then compared it with the previous iris image code. If they matched, then the phone can be unlocked, otherwise, failed.

Will iris scanner hurt our eyes?

As we know that the iris recognition system contains a particular light source to launch infared ray to help with the scan process, which can guarantee the normal use of iris recognition even in dark night. Thus many people will wonder if there are damages caused to our eyes since there are extra infared ray involved. Technically, these infared ray wavelength involved is between 700-900nm, which contains tiny energies and it is lower than the international safety standard, so we can say that there is no need to worry about the safety. But Samsung clearly warns against holding the phone too close to the face while the iris scanner is working.

Pros and cons of iris scanner


  1. Higher security
Iris recognition system must detect living human white veins, so it’s impossible to unlock the phone by pictures or videos of eye image or artificial eyeball while the fingerprint is more likely to be hacked or replicated.
  1. More convenient
Unlike fingerprint scanning, which is affected by many external factors such as water or oil in the finger or scars and finger desquamate, since our eyes are always clean and naturally protected, readings are easier to perform.
  1. Can be used even in dark night
With the help of infared ray, you can unlock your phone even in dark night.


  1. Slow recognition speed
Although the iris scanning is safer, more convenient and reliable than the fingerprint scanning, however the recognition speed is not faster as the fingerprint scanning.
  1. When wearing glasses or cosmetic contact lenses, the recognition rate may be effected a lot.
Actually the iris scanning and fingerprint scanning is not contrary, they can complement each other with their own respective advantages. Iris scanner can also be used in specific area which needs higher security. Speaking of so many things about iris scanners, which security measure do you prefer after comparing it with fingerprint scanners? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below to share with us! You may also like:


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